10 diet tips that you’ve probably never heard of

  • Swap the rice for Amaranth

Amaranth is a natively American grain that has a bit of a nutty paste. It is rich in fiber and has been shown to decrease your cholesterol levels.amaranth

  • The portion control diet tip

This extraordinary tip involves eating small portions of food every 3 hours, and it works because the portions eaten are small and the overall calorie intake is significantly reduced.

  • The Flavorless Oil diet tip

This unique tip is aimed at preventing over eating by encouraging the consumption of flavorless oil after meals.

  • Embrace the hot spices

Hot spices contain capsaicin, the heat, if you will. This heat helps burn off excess hat to produce energy.

  • Choose your plate wisely

Research suggests that eating on a smaller plate will control your intake portions.

  • Greek yoghurt

It has been hailed as the miracle weight loss yoghurt because it contains less fat.

  • Don’t be afraid of a glass of wine

Research has shown that an occasional glass of wine could help you lose some weight.

  • Trade snacks for berries

Berries are more satisfying, and have more vitamins than many snacks.

  • Avoid the TV while you eat

TV distracts you while eating and you tend to not notice how much you’re eating.

  • Sunchokes instead of French fries

You can make healthy sunchoke fries to replace your normal potatoes, because they are rich in fibers that will boost your body immunity.