15 Minute Weight Loss Workout

Forget those extra weights at the gym. In fact, forget the gym at all. The best way to lose weight and even some money, while you are at it, is to do it at home with absolutely no equipment, save your body.

Below is a full program for a workout that barely takes fifteen minutes at home, and helps you shed those extra pounds before you can even imagine!

Of course, before you get down and dirty with this circuit, do a little bit of cardio like dancing to a pop song for 3 minutes or skipping 100 times.


  • 20 squats: They help you tone the muscles of your butt as well as your calves and thighs.
  • 20 side crunches on each sides: Suffice to say, side crunches work on your abs, particularly you upper abs.
  • 20 donkey kicks on each side: Great for toning your butt as well as shaping the muscles of your lower back and thighs
  • 15 roman twists in each side: Again, great for the upper abdominal area and for increasing your lung capacity.
  • 30 cycles of air cycling: Air cycling increases the strength of your leg muscles as well as the muscles on your lower back.
  • 20 pushups: Pushups are the essential workout for strength training. Apart from increasing your lung capacity, they also work on the muscles of your arms, making them more toned.

Remember to drink water between each elements of the circuit, and take a 15 seconds break