The 5 DON’Ts of Weight Loss

weight-loss-dos-donts-slim4funWhile there is a bunch of things that you should do while trying to lose weight, there are a bunch of things that you should not do. But trust me when I say this, while on a diet trying to lose weight, it is much easier to follow the DO NOTs than the Do’s.

Nonetheless, the few DO NOTs of quick and easy weight loss are:

  • Don’t weigh yourself too often: Weight loss is a gradual process and criticizing yourself over it does not help. Therefore, try not to weigh yourself on a daily basis because if you do not see the numbers that you hope to do, the chances are that you will be demotivated.
  • Don’t set unrealistic expectation: You can choose to lose 5 kilos in a month. However, setting a goal of losing 20 kilos is a week is not only unrealistic but also unreachable.
  • Don’t skip meals: A number of studies have shown that if you starve yourself, you not only have a more difficult time losing weight, but your body is also denied important nutrients and minerals that it needs on a day to day basis.
  • Don’t take supplements: Supplements shown on weight loss advertisements can sometimes do more harm than good, and can often cause serious disorders.
  • Don’t go for “fat free” alternatives: There are tons of “fat free” supplements and energy bars in the market, which proclaim to help you shed the extra pounds. Don’t fall for such advertisements.