Can Dark Chocolate Help with Weight Loss?

dark-chocolate-weight-loss-slim4funYou have no doubt been told countless times by numerous nutritionists and weight loss experts that in order to shed those extra pounds, you need to keep off of chocolate.

It has been labeled a candy that is full of nothing but calories that will set you back a few pounds from your weight loss goals. Well if your chocolate craving shave been kicking in and you have been trying your best to avoid chocolate then maybe this piece of news will give you some reprieve.

Recent studies suggest that not all chocolate is bad for a weight loss plan. In fact, dark chocolate can actually help you lose a few unwanted pounds.

How can Eating Dark Chocolate help me lose weight?

A couple of things about chocolate promote the process of weight loss. Firstly, dark chocolate is capable of reducing the rate of digestion and absorption of carbs as well as fats.

In a lay man’s terms, eating some dark chocolate makes you feel sated or full for a longer time, and as a result you will not feel the need to eat any more carbs or fats that increase body weight. This is an excellent way to control one’s appetite and a controlled appetite results in a lower carb intake.

The tip is to know which kind of chocolate is good for you. Dark chocolates, preferably the ones with at the very least 70 percent cacao are the best choice.