Watermelon – a tasty way to lose weight

Watermelons promote weight loss and hydration - slim4fun.com
Watermelons promote weight loss and hydration.

During summer you want to get that perfect beach body ready. However, since summers mean you sweat a lot, you naturally feel a lot hungrier than usual, which can lead you to opt for snacks in between meals, which can really mess up your diet.

One of the best ways by which you can cut back on the calories while you snack is to select a snack that is healthy yet delicious enough to gorge on.

The watermelon – perfect summer food

Watermelons are in this sense, your best friend. Watermelon is the perfect food for the summer. It is great when eaten on its own, and it can make for a very delicious salad when paired with healthy fruits like cucumber and pomegranates.

One of the best properties of watermelon that makes it the ideal summer snack is its high water content that can help you be hydrated. This can actually help you prevent being dehydrated and can help to cool your body down.

A single serving of watermelon, which is about 100g contains just 30 calories. This ensures that your calorific intake while snacking is reduced significantly, which is a great news for all of you who are looking to lose weight.

Packed with fibre, watermelon can also help to slow down the process of digestion. This can help you to feel like you are full for longer and therefore, is the perfect way for you to snack and lose weight, making watermelons one of the best type of food that you can intake for weight loss.

Guava could make you feel full for longer

Guava could make you feel full for longer - slim4fun.comIf you are looking for one of the best and the tastiest ways to lose weight, Guava is one of the best fruit that you can opt for.

Guavas are a tasty treat that is perfect on its own and can be used in salads for a full meal with apples and cucumbers, which are both fruits that can help you to lose weight and get that perfect body that you have been craving.

Guava fruit, Guava Tea

Guava is a tropical fruit with seeds that can be consumed and has a number of different types of varieties. Guavas have a very sweet smell and can be eaten raw, with salt and pepper, with a mixture of spices and can also be a base of sauces as a substitute of tomatoes. Teas can also be made from the leaves and the fruit and is considered to be medicinal in nature.

Protein, fibre, vitamin rich fruit

Guavas can be a magical option for you if you are looking to lose weight without compromising on your protein, fibre and vitamin intake. Guavas are very rich in fibre and roughage and are packed with proteins, vitamins and minerals; however, it has no cholesterol content and a very low content of digestible carbohydrates.

Guava promotes metabolism

Guavas are quite filling and can help to satiate your hunger and keep you feeling full for much longer. Guavas have way less sugar content as compared to other fruits and can be a perfect snack for curbing your hunger and keep you satiated for longer. If you are looking to promote your metabolism, this is a safe and easy option that can be of great help.

The magic fruit for weight loss

apple-weight-loss-diet-slim4funYou probably have heard the phrase, “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”. Apple is the true magic fruit. With the widest range of health benefits, apple is the one superfood that you need in your life. According to a recent study, apples are perfect for weight loss as well.

Apples can be found in a number of different varieties and are generally available globally. These have a huge array of health benefits like preventing your body from developing cancer, preventing diseases like hypertension, diabetes as well as heart diseases.

Apples are rich in compounds like polyphenols and fibres, which actually remain undigested and ferment in the colon. This can help top provide food for friendly bacteria and this can actually help your body to outweigh the effects of the bad bacteria, which thrives on fatty foods and junk food, according to leading food scientists.

This can help to restore the microbial balance in your body, which can in turn help to reduce chronic inflammation which is a key factor in the risk of obesity and can help to make you feel really full, which can actually help you to prevent overeating.

Apples should be consumed raw as cooking them can destroy the polyphenols that give apples their benefit. If you don’t like the taste, you can make a wide array of salads with apples or choose from the wide variety of apples, which have distinctive tastes and textures and can suit every palette, so incorporate at least one to two apples in your diet every day to lose weight.

The berry diet: very tasty and beneficial

Berry-diet-weight-loss-slim4funBerries are one of the tastiest types of foods that you can have in your diet that can help you to get rid of fat and get your dream body. Berries are packed with antioxidants; they can help you to be healthy and ensure that you lose weight and look great.

Berry diets are one of the latest diets in town and these are the reason why they are so popular.


Berries are a great source of antioxidants and lead to premature aging as well as diseases. Antioxidants can lead to weight loss and can help you to look amazing by minimizing your triglyceride levels and along with exercise, can help you to lose weight effectively.

Blood sugar

Though strawberries are not practically a berry, they are extremely effective in reducing the blood sugar levels and prevent simple sugars from being released into the blood stream and can help to control weight since insulin can cause excess sugar to be supplied to the fat cells.

Metabolism boosters

Including raspberries in your diet can increase the levels of ketones in your body, which can help to decrease fat distribution in the body, and help you achieve a slimmer body and lose weight. Blueberries can have a similar effect on the body as shown from an experiment on mice.


Berries are rich in fibre, which can help to control weight. According to research, for every gram of fibre, you lose 7 calories. Raspberries are one of the best types of berries due to it being rich in fibre and thus, can help you lose weight easily.

The citric fruit diet – latest trend in weight loss

One of the latest trends in the world of diets is the citrus diet. Unlike most of the diets on the internet, this is actually safe for you to use and though it does need perseverance, it can give incredible results.

Incorporating citrus fruits in your daily diet can help you to lose weight fast as they are full of enzymes that can help you to promote digestion and additionally, are rich in Vitamin C and can speed up metabolism as well as help to flush out all toxins from your body.

citrus fruit diet for weight loss - slim4fun.comA typical citrus diet requires the intake of freshly squeezed citrus juices like the juice of an orange or a grapefruit, whole citrus fruits and herbal teas without sugar on a daily basis. This diet should not be practiced by anyone who suffers from any type of stomach problems or hypoglycaemia.

The acids contained in citric fruits can help to break down the fat in your body and the results can help to keep you motivated. This is used as a quick detox diet and can help in showing quick results.

However, what you need to remember is that this diet is quite low in calorific content and can lead to a number of problems like headache, nausea and dizziness. The diet also leads to rapid weight loss, which is a sure way to acquire loose skin as well as the risk of regaining the weight lost.

If you are planning to go on any diet, it is always advisable to talk to a dietician or a nutritionist to be on the safe side and follow their recommendations.