Fruit Diet: What You Need to Know

fruit-diet-need-know-slim4funFruits are one of the lowest calorific content foods that you can consume, making it a no-brainer that fruits should be a staple of any diet that you want to pursue. The general guideline is 1.5-2 cups of fruit for adults per day.

If you are looking to lose weight with fruit, the choice of fruit does matter. You need to opt for lower-calorie content fruits. Fruits that are low in sugar content and more fibrous can help you to feel full for longer. Whole fruits are better than juices as juices do not fill you up and thus, is not nearly as effective for weight loss.

While fibre in fruit is great for maintaining fullness, fruit does not have enough protein. You need to add proteins like omelettes or protein powder. You can also consume white meat or pulses to increase your protein content as this will help to control your appetite and hunger.

If you use a lot of processed fruit, swap them out for fresh ones. Preserved fruits do not have the benefits of helping you lose weight as they are loaded with sugar.

Fresh fruit blends do not have the lasting power, but taste way better. Fruits can be a good snack option as they are really delicious and are full of nutrients and can help to keep you from packing extra empty calories in your diet. Fruits can be used in salads or eaten raw.

Opt for a wide variety of fruits to get all the benefits and lose weight at the same time!