Tips and Tricks for Faster Weight Loss

Like any other business of life, weight loss too demands hard work and dedication. However, we are only human, and tend to have some limitations.

Cider Vinegar could help your weight loss
Apple Cider Vinegar could help your weight loss

In order to make your weight loss easier for you, and to help you reach your weight goal a little faster, we have composed a list of some tricks and tips that are simple and extremely easy to follow:

  • Drinking lots of water: When you drink lots of water, your stomach tends to fill fuller, and over time, it reduces your appetite to a certain degree. Of course, this is not recommended all the time, and in the long run, but it does tend to make you consume fewer calories.
  • Drinking apple cider vinegar: Some people swear the drinking apple cider vinegar before consuming any large meal prevents the body from storing the extra calories in the form of fat in the adipose tissue underneath the skin, causing obesity and increase in weight.
  • Switching to fat free alternatives: be it yoghurt, milk or chocolate, it is important that you switch to fat free alternatives of the food that you eat on a daily basis. Yes, it is true that they will not taste the same, but they will most definitely carry a lot less calories than their full fat content counterparts.
  • Chewing gum: When you chew gum, your body is under the impression that you are actually eating food, and so it tends to feel fuller, curbing your appetite.

Tips For Controlling Your Diet in Restaurants

weight-loss-tips-restaurant-dining-slim4funEverybody deserves a little treat in a restaurant from time to time. But be careful what you are ordering in case you are trying to lose weight.

In fact, you don’t have to exclude something from your diet, you can still have a good time with the one you are dining. Down below are reviewed some tips to be considered when dining in a restaurant.

#1 Order water

Don’t forget, water is crucial for your diet. It feeds your body with necessary elements and cleans it from garbage. If you are willing to lose weight, you will make an exception and refrain from alcohol. Also, water is healthier and will keep you fuller.

#2 Enjoy the meal

Stop worrying about the calories you consume, or about the fact that you’re on a diet, and just enjoy the meal. Eat slowly and give your brain the time to realize that he’s full. Therefore, you will avoid overeating.

#3 Remove the bread from your meal

Avoid to order bread, this is not good for your diet. But in case there is a basket of bread on your table, ask the waiter to take it away, hence, you will resist the temptation of taking a bite.

#4 Order more veggies

Vegetables are rich in fiber, which is what you need during your diet. Order a salad with lots of veggies, or even ask for a double portion of them.

#5 Oder lean protein

A mistake people usually make during their diet is to avoid proteins. The thing is, that proteins are good for our health and muscles. Fish or chicken breast is the best choice.

10 diet tips that you’ve probably never heard of

  • Swap the rice for Amaranth

Amaranth is a natively American grain that has a bit of a nutty paste. It is rich in fiber and has been shown to decrease your cholesterol levels.amaranth

  • The portion control diet tip

This extraordinary tip involves eating small portions of food every 3 hours, and it works because the portions eaten are small and the overall calorie intake is significantly reduced.

  • The Flavorless Oil diet tip

This unique tip is aimed at preventing over eating by encouraging the consumption of flavorless oil after meals.

  • Embrace the hot spices

Hot spices contain capsaicin, the heat, if you will. This heat helps burn off excess hat to produce energy.

  • Choose your plate wisely

Research suggests that eating on a smaller plate will control your intake portions.

  • Greek yoghurt

It has been hailed as the miracle weight loss yoghurt because it contains less fat.

  • Don’t be afraid of a glass of wine

Research has shown that an occasional glass of wine could help you lose some weight.

  • Trade snacks for berries

Berries are more satisfying, and have more vitamins than many snacks.

  • Avoid the TV while you eat

TV distracts you while eating and you tend to not notice how much you’re eating.

  • Sunchokes instead of French fries

You can make healthy sunchoke fries to replace your normal potatoes, because they are rich in fibers that will boost your body immunity.

How to acquire a flat belly simply with some basic rules!

flat-belly-slim4funHere are some simple tips to achieve a flat belly:

  • Straight back

If you keep a straight back, your shoulders at the back, and a tight belly you have already improved your image to the outside.

  • Water will save you!

It is best to drink water instead of thick juices and refreshments which will save you hundreds of calories! Try also to consume two glasses of water before eating.

  • Toilet is important

Go to the toilet as often as possible, preferably at least once a day. If you have difficulty, try to integrate cereals, dried fruits, legumes, vegetables and fruit in your diet.

  • Have a snack

Eat a snack containing protein between 15:00 and 16:00. Select one protein bar, an egg, a piece of low fat cheese or a few almonds and an apple.

  • “Salt, do not bloat me”

Prefer to use natural sea salt or Himalayan salt. Try also to reduce the salt you put on food.

  • Walk!

No need to go jogging, no need to run. Walking is not a strenuous form of exercise, it is just a way to boost your metabolism.

  • “A Mochachino with extra whipped cream and 700 calories please”

The coffee when it is not accompanied by sugar and other additions, has no calories. Change habit and choose to drink your coffee plain, with no sugar.

  • Relax

When you feel stressed and depressed, your body reacts negatively affecting the digestive system. Do something that relaxes you for a few minutes every day, sleep enough and you’ll be very happy with the results.

Little tips for a healthy diet

Big changes in your diet are difficult, so here are some small changes you can make in order to eat in a healthier manner:

Have 1-2 healthy snacks a day

If you cannot make a drastic change in your diet, replace 1-2 snacks of the day with a wholesome alternative, and after a few weeks you will have lost several pounds since the smallest change makes a difference.

Change your order

If you still want to enjoy a meal out, try sometimes not to order a classic dish such as rich pasta but a salad and grilled chicken.

Always eat breakfast

Whenever you skip breakfast you deprive your body of an energetic start of the day, which often results in the feeling of hunger during the whole day. Accompany your coffee with protein and wholemeal and you will see that you will have more energy for the rest of the day and fewer pounds at the end of the year.

Put green in your dietrocket-salad-slim4fun

If you do not want to stop eating pizza, replace at least the bacon with rocket and green peppers.

Reduce dinner amounts

The easiest way to lose pounds immediately is to cut the dinner, which most often is not even healthy. For five days a week allow yourself to eat only until 7 and leave the other two days off schedule.

Keep room for dessert

If you manage to make sacrifices, then reward yourself with your favorite dessert or drink. Do not deprive of yourselves the joy and pleasure of a piece of chocolate or a glass of wine in the evening.