Taking Herbal Products / Supplements for Weight Loss: what you should know

herbs-supplements-weight-loss-aid-slim4funIn matters of weight loss, sometimes the natural way is the best way to go. We are never really sure what side effects lie in store for us when taking chemically manufactured supplements, but it is always very clear what we get out of certain herbs / herbal supplements when we do decide to include them in our diet.

If you are preparing to embark on this herbal journey to your ideal weight, here are a few things you need to keep in mind.

Consult with your health care provider

It can be good to use medicinal herbs to aid in any weight loss plan, but it is important to seek the stamp of approval from your doctor. This is even more important when you have any pre-existing medical condition, or you are pregnant.

Consult with your local area pediatrician before introducing your children to any herbs in the diet.  The doctor could advise you in which herbs are the best for you. Safety should always be your first concern.

Remember to use the herbs/supplements as advised

how-to-take-supplements-herbs-weight-loss-slim4funMost herbal additives are recommended for use every day by inclusion in our diet. Try to adhere to this and the results will be apparent to you in a short while. Some herbs can even be included in our normal meals to spice them up such as black pepper, rosemary or even garlic.

It works even better with exercise

Sometimes herbs or supplements alone will aid in the weight loss process, but when put together with exercises, the results could be much better.

Is Forkoline a Viable Fat – Burning Solution?

In a fitness industry that is full of all kinds of supplements that claim to be the answer to your weight loss prayers, Forskoline is quickly gaining popularity as the latest fat burning solution that gives remarkable results.

It is extracted from the roots of the Coleus forskohlii, a plant from the mint family which is indigenous to countries in subtropical regions such as Uganda, Thailand and India.

It has traditionally been in use for many years in these regions as an herb with many medicinal properties such as an anti-inflammatory, and its ability to support lung and heart function.  In truth it has always been popular because it contains a variety of active compounds that are beneficial to the human body, but today it has become popular for its fat burning qualities, as well as its ability to support normal testosterone levels in men who take it.

Forskolin works by activating the adenylate cyclase, which is responsible for a chain of events that leads to the breakdown of the fat stored in the body. This makes it a very effective solution for people that want to lose weight.

For men, it also works as an excellent testosterone booster, with many men reporting higher levels of testosterone after including it in their weight loss programs.

It recently received an endorsement from a celebrity doctor who mentioned it in his TV show as a fat burning extract that delivers quality results, if taken in the correct dosage.

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Nitro Slim – Maigrir sans Régime avec la Forskoline


Nitro Slim, le complément à base de Forskoline est recommandé à tous ceux qui souhaitent retrouver un corps mince. La Forskoline n’est pas bénéfique seulement pour la ligne, mais aussi por la santé globale du corps.

Proprietes de la NitroSlim Forskoline

Nitro Slim avec l’extrait Forskoline amincissement global silhouette contribue au déstockage des graisses et augmente la combustion des calories.

Forskoline est une substance naturelle dérivée de la plante Coleus Forskohlii. Le Coleus Forskolii est initialement issue d’Inde et donc utilisé en Ayurvéda. L’extrait de Coleus Forskolii est ainsi proposé lors des régimes amaigrissants.

Les résultats préliminaires d’une étude récente indiquent que la Forskoline peut être un complément utile pour perdre du poids et maintenir la fonction normale du corps.

Résultats Nitro Slim

NitroSlim est recommandé pour diminuer la masse grasse présente dans l’organisme et affiner la silhouette de façon globale:


La Forskoline est une substance naturelle puissante dans la perte de poids qui vous aide à maigrir en raison de son action thermogénique.

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Nitro Slim suffira à diminuer le stockage des nouvelle graisses et vous aidera aussi à éliminer les anciennes. Soyez élancé et oubliez vos rondeurs avec le Nitro Slim extrait de Forskoline!

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FatKiller > Fat Melting Hero

FatKiller™ contains Green Coffee and Garcinia Cambogia extracts as key ingredients. These well-known ingredients work naturally with your body and stimulate the enzymes, supporting the body to work faster, burn fat faster and increase its energy.

By boosting your metabolism, your body will burn calories faster and prevent them from being stored as fat. And by combining it with exercise and Dragon Slim Extreme you will really be amazed by the speed of your weight loss.

FatKiller Ingredients

This supplement is composed entirely of natural ingredients that increase, together and effectively, your energy level. Fat Killer’s formulation include some of the hottest weight-loss ingredients available on the market today:

  • African Mango
  • Green Coffee
  • Garcinia Cambogia
  • Green Tea

The proclaimed weight loss properties of Garcinia Cambogia, largely due to its energy boost, and fat burning qualities, caught the interest of a famous TV Show doctor, probably the most famous American doctor, who devoted an entire show to the presentation of the properties of Garcinia Cambogia in 2013 and how these can contribute to weight loss.
african-mango-fatkiller-slim4fungreen-tea-fatkiller-slim4fun garcinia-cambogia-fatkiller-slim4fun green-coffee-fatkiller-slim4fun






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Dragon Slim Extreme combines ancient traditional weight loss ingredients to provide incredible fat burning results. By combining DragonExtreme with FatKiller you will sculpt your body achieving the sexy shape you desire.

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DragonExtreme Slim Ingredients


Ginseng is one of the best known spices that helps to lose weight because of its ability to “awaken” the metabolism and make it work faster. It is one of the main ingredients in Dragon Slim Extreme.

The second key ingredient is Capsicum, used in traditional Chinese medicine and known to boost metabolism and melt fat deposits in the body.

Other ingredients are Green Coffee and Ginkgo Extract.

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