The Cookie Diet – is there such a thing?

In the world of weight loss, diets are usually at the top of everything. There are hundreds of diets out there that you can try, and the latest that has been gaining popularity is the cookie diet.

There are numerous variations of this diet, but the concept remains the same; replacing a good deal of your diet with cookies. This means that breakfast, lunches and even regular snacks all get replaced with cookies instead.

What is the secret of the Cookie Diet?

Now, while this may sound like a recipe for disaster, especially for individuals with a sweet tooth, the difference between these particular kinds of cookies is the ingredients.

Regular cookies are often filled with too much calories from the refined flour and sugar, but the particular cookies that are consumed within a cookie diet are special.

The reason why these cookies are said to promote the loss of weight is because of their ingredients. These diet cookies are baked with a view to cut down the calories. They are rich in fiber from ingredients such as oats and whole wheat. They are also rich in proteins that can come from a wide variety of nuts.

This combination of ingredients within the cookies makes them very satisfying, meaning that you will feel full after eating just a few cookies. This feeling of satiety is perfect because it prevents overeating or excessive eating, which is often a struggle for many people looking to lose weight.

The cookies themselves can be purchased from the respective cookie diet websites, or for individuals who prefer to make the cookies themselves, and there are cookie recipes available online.