Curb your weight gain with the Low Carb Diet!

Trying to cut down the fatty products from your food intake and exasperated when you can’t see any change in your looks whatsoever? Well, carbohydrates might be the culprit here.low-carb-diet-slim4fun

The Low Carb Diet strives to give you an edge in your weight loss project by restricting your carbohydrate consumption. It comes as no surprise why those suffering from obesity and diabetes have sought this out as a mechanism to counter the degenerative diseases.

Chase those carbohydrates away!

If you love carbohydrates and can’t decide whether you should indulge in the Low Carb Diet, we are here to make it easier! Rather than completely eliminating the carbs, this diet believes in selective rejection of some specific carbs that hinder your weight loss.

So, you might have to replace digestible carbs as present in pasta, sugar and bread with foods with a greater amount of fat and protein like meat, cheese, shellfish, poultry, eggs, seeds and nuts.

Since this diet is not as exclusive as the other ones, you might even eat salad vegetables like kale, chard, spinach, collard and fruits like berries that are low in carbohydrates.

You might approach this diet by limiting your carbohydrates to within 20% of your calories or less than 45% of the energy derived from carbs. If you lower the carbs, the insulin level will be decreased accordingly which would lead to your body burning the stored fat and eventual weight loss.

If you can limit it to about 60 to 130 grams know that you have been successful in preventing the risk of metabolic syndrome and high blood pressure from your life.