Detox Diet Based on Lemonade

lemonade-detox-diet-cosmetiqoIn order to prepare a lemonade all you need is 2 tablespoons of lemon or lime juice, a half to three quarters of teaspoon of maple syrup (not sweetened syrup with maple flavour), as an option you can add a dash Cayenne paprika. Mix all the ingredients and add distilled water or reverse osmosis water (or cold water, if you like) to them.

In order to prepare the lemonade, use only fresh lemons or limes. Don’t use canned lemon juice or frozen lemonade or lemon juice.

The red pepper provides an extra vitamin C and B complex. Also, it produces heat, making your body sweat. People who are not used with hot pepper are recommended to begin with a dash and then increase the dose if you like or even remove it entirely from the receipt. You can replace maple syrup with a small quantity of pure sorghum, black natural molasses or honey.

You can prepare a larger dose, for the daily consumption, for example, 2 liters. For  2 liters of lemonade you need 10 cups of distilled water, a half of cup fresh lemon juice, a half of cup natural maple syrup. Mix all the ingredients in a shaker and keep it in fridge.

Consume the lemonade as much as you want and when you want. During the lemonade detox diet, you don’t have to eat anything or drink anything besides this lemonade, except water.

You can try out this detoxification up to 10 days. Your body will eliminate toxins and the water from the body. The benefits for body are tremendous.