The dos and don’ts of losing weight

dos-donts-weight-loss-diet-slim4funLosing weight has today become a universal and worldwide phenomenon and naturally people all over are just losing their sleep to attain that perfect figure and shed those extra kilos that are stopping them form wearing that awesome dress.

However, very few of us know what exactly to follow during a weight loss program and what are the factors that actually aid the process and what are not. They have certain notions built in their minds that might sometimes adversely affect the process.

Thus it is very important to understand the basic functioning of the body and how the entire process of weight loss actually works so that they can work it out of their own what are good for them and what are not.

No more need to bother thousands of friends with your queries. We are now here to answer your weight loss related questions and guide you through the dos and don’ts to a weight loss session. Read on for more information:

  • Do drink a lot of water before meals
  • Do plan whatever you eat beforehand and give yourself little treats every now and then
  • Do reduce your salt and sugar intake along with fried and junk foods
  • Do keep away from alcohol and carbonated drinks as much as possible
  • Don’t skip meals, especially a good breakfast
  • Don’t compare yourself with others and their weight loss rate. Remember that every single body is different and it takes its own time
  • Don’t go too heavy on yourself regarding your favourite food items