Easy steps to lose unwanted weight

1. Begin with a salad and eat less during the rest of the meal, says a research by the Pennsylvania State University.

2. Select 2 appetizers. According to a research by the University of North Carolina, the average hamburger is 23% bigger today than in 1977. Choose a pasta dish and salad or a soup for a starter instead of hamburger.


3. Caution with the calories of coffee. Modern coffees nowadays include as many calories as an entire meal.

4. Choose nuts. A research of the University of Harvard showed that those who were on a diet and ate a handful of peanuts or mixed nuts daily were more likely to lose weight than the group not any consuming nuts.

5. Double your protein intake. This diet, of high protein and low carbohydrate, may help in not losing muscle along with fat, according to a research published in the magazine The Journal of Nutrition.

6. Consume dairy products. A piece of cheese or a cup of milk or yogurt can revive your metabolism, as discovered by the University of Tennessee. People who reduced 500 calories per day in their diet and ate yogurt three times a day lost 6kg after 12 weeks, more weight and body fat than the control group which only reduced the calories.

7. Drink water. Your body often confuses thirst with hunger, so hydration means that you may not be hungry.