The Flat Belly Diet

the flat belly dietThe team over at has been writing about diet, body health and weight loss for a long time, and a recent discovery they made was the beginning of The Flat Belly Diet. Simply put, this diet implies that it is possible to eat certain types of food and shed excessive fat, specifically in the belly area.

Many individuals struggle to lose belly fat, not only for aesthetic but also health reasons.

The Flat Belly Diet claims to get rid of the belly fat by:

  • Focusing on Monounsaturated fats

There are many types of fats in food, but monounsaturated fat has been identified as the best to aid in weight loss. These fats commonly referred to as MUFA’s, are said to target and eliminate belly fat while giving you a feeling of satiety in the process.

This helps you lose the excess weight around your belly, while at the same time keeping you from consuming excess food. Foods rich in monounsaturated fat include oils such as olive oil, canola oil, peanuts and avocadoes.

  • Sticking to specific eating times, and specific amounts

Another key instruction of the Flat Belly diet is that a dieter eats every four hours. This should amount to a total of four meals. The meals themselves should be no more than 400 calories per serving, so it is important to find out the calorie amounts for each meal.

Many people stand by this diet as one of the best ways to shed belly fat, and many more are taking the step to try it and see the results for themselves.

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