Fruity teas to help you lose weight

If you are a fan of fruity drinks, here are a few types of teas that you are bound to be really excited about. These teas are not only delicious and extremely refreshing, but also are extremely effective in helping you to lose weight and shed all those extra calories.

fruity-weight-loss-teas-slim4funWhen combined with exercise, these types of teas have the best effect on your body and can help you lose weight rapidly.

So, what are you waiting for? Ditch that soft drink and its empty calories and swap it for these delicious and refreshing teas that will actually help you to burn calories and help you to get a more toned body.

Natural weight loss teas

1. Bilberry tea

Billberry, a berry that is similar to the blueberry can help in reducing inflammation due to bloating. This ensures that all the water weight you gain from alcohol is reduced and is a great option for those who are prone to being bloated.

bilberry weight loss tea -

2. Barberry

The stem, root bark and the fruit of the barberry shrub is packed with berberine which can help to prevent weight gain and a development of insulin resistance in rats. The consumption of this tea can also boost the rate of energy expenditure.


3. Kola nut tea

This tea has more caffeine than coffee and helps to boost metabolism, with a 3-4% increase in metabolic rates with a single 100mg of caffeine.

These teas not only taste amazing but are extremely helpful in reduction of fat and losing weight and therefore, are actually healthy for you.