It has long been known that at the heart of Chinese medicine one finds ginseng, an herb you’ve probably heard of. So what’s all the fuss about ginseng? The herb that has been around for nearly 5000 years has traditionally been uses as a way to energize the body, raise stamina, awareness and all-around well being. Lately though, scientists are linking ginseng with weight loss.

Ginseng Root

An investigation in the Phytotherapy Research Journal reports that the molecular basis of ginsenoside (Rg3), a constituent found in ginseng, has been shown to inhibit differentiation in cells that are used to store energy in the form of fat. In other words, Rg3 prevents cells in their ability to complete the fat storage process.

Another report looked at the effects of wild ginseng on leptin deficient mice (leptin deficiency is a condition that causes severe obesity in the first few months of life). Mice were administered orally 100mg/kg and 200mg/kg for four weeks. After the four weeks, when compared to the control mice, the mice showed a loss of body weight and a decrease in blood glucose levels.

So is ginseng the miracle cure? No, ginseng must come with a healthy life-style that includes exercise and wise food consumption. But will ginseng help you find the energy to be more active and speed up the results of your diet? Absolutely!

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