High protein diet – Stock up on the proteins and build your body mass

If building up your muscles and cutting down the fat content from your body are primary aims when you approach a diet, you might want to consider the High Protein Diet. The first choice of nutritionists and body builders to aid in the development of the skeletal muscle, the High Protein diet comes as a breath of fresh air in the domain of low calorie and carb diets.

How to go about the High Protein diet?

The High Protein diet strikes at the root of the presumption that you have to go hungry to lose weight.

You are advised to increase your protein intake gradually every week till the point that you would be consuming more than 200 grams of protein per day in combination with the intake of calorie sources like carbohydrates and fats.

Bored with steak and chicken protein already? Spice it up with soy and whey protein, boiled soya beans, salmon, peanuts, beans, tuna, eggs and low fat and dairy products. You can choose to supplement it with “smart carbs” like fruits, whole grains, olives, vegetables avocados and seeds.

However, the High Protein diet is not without its loopholes. A diet rich in protein can lead to ‘rabbit starvation’ that eventually leads to death.

Chronic diseases like kidney failure and discomfort are common occurrence in people who tend to overdo it.

In spite of all opposition, the High Protein diet has in fact been able to redeem the damage caused by anaerobic exercises by the provision of amino acids. With this one, you need not take any protein supplements and emerge as a body building hunk in your own right!