How to stay consistent in weight loss exercises

Getting into a good exercise routine is a wonderful experience for you, but it definitely gets us down to fall off the wagon. It can be very challenging to keep it up especially when the muscles start crying out for you to stop. The key to weight loss is consistency, so the question then becomes how to maintain your consistency to ensure the best results.

  • Find the form of exercise that you enjoy

It can be easy to abandon an exercise if you don’t enjoy it. Find the exercise that you enjoy the most and commit to it. If you enjoy running, go for it. Don’t force yourself to stick to a routine you don’t like, you will more than likely quit it soon.

  • Do your exercises in the morning

Get your exercise over with in the morning. Not only is it good for your body, but it easier in the morning so that you can spend the day focusing on other things. Morning exercises are more consistent because they discourage procrastination.

  • Find yourself an exercise buddy

There is great encouragement in exercising if you have a friend to support you. You are likely to keep up if your friend pushes you to do it.

  • Keep a log of your progress

Keep a diary that you can log on every day, keeping track of how much you have done. Studies show that it is very good in helping you stay consistently exercising.