How will exercise burn fat?

exercise-slim4funThe duration of exercise and moderate intensity are important for burning fat. A recent study showed that women who walked with very brisk pace (6.5 km. per hour) burned less fat than women who walked with a relaxed pace (5.5 km. per hour).

The women in the second group endured the most, covered longer distance and consumed more energy. The secret then is moderate intensity and longer duration. Also, do not forget that you must select an activity you like and enjoy.

Key to efficient exercise

The “key” is to exercise at a pace that allows you to “talk with comfort”. The body draws energy first by burning carbohydrates and then fat. Thus, prolonged aerobic exercise at moderate intensity maximizes the amount of energy consumed by the body from lipid storage.

Therefore if you want to burn more fat, prefer moderate intensity exercises for a long time. To be sure you consume fat and not muscle tissue, your intensity can be measured by heart rate.

It would be good to periodically check your pulse. The tensions in which you must exercise should range between 60% -75% of the maximum heart rate. You can calculate the 100% of your heart rate by subtracting your age in years from the number 220 (e.g. 220-25=195).

So you can simply calculate your individual limits, in order to be in the aerobic fat burning zone.