Lose Weight, but in a Healthy Way

In a culture where grab-n-go and eat and run is the usual scene, we often tend to sacrifice on the nutritional values of food and instead give our whole attention to the ‘calories’.diet food could make you fat - slim4fun.com

The concept of counting calories is a give-away of the Western market for selling “diet” products like ‘Diet Coke’, ‘Sugarless Biscuits’, ‘Fat Free Dairy’. And then there are labeled diets like the 1200-Calorie Diet, No-Carbs Diet, Only Protein Diet which not only rob you of your traditional eating habits but also steal away the necessary carbs or proteins from what used to be a ‘balanced diet’.

Many books, blogs, and articles on weight loss seem to have all the solution to everyone’s weight loss issues. But, just like there is a different size of clothing for every body shape, there should be a different weight loss mantra for each one of us. Sorry to break the news to you, but, suggestions like ‘Eat Less, Exercise More’, or say ‘No To Fat’ is not taking you anywhere. A smart understanding and acknowledgement of your needs will.

So, don’t blindly follow what anonymous book writers tell you to eat or do to your body, but give the whole process a detailed thought. Of course weight loss isn’t easy, but it doesn’t have to be dealt with like one is preparing for war. Eat well, exercise and free yourself of stress.

A healthy body leads to a healthy mind. You would want to lose fat, not your physical proficiency.