Low Calorie Diet – Don’t count your size, count the calories!

Are you a perfectionist in the making? Well, the Low Calorie Diet is just the one for you! Based on a principle of mathematical precision that requires you to limit your energy consumption per day to 800 kilocalories or less, the Low Calorie Diet is nonetheless constituted of nutritious food.low calorie diet

Be in size with the Low Calorie Diet!

The foundation of the Low Calorie Diet is based on a drive to provide you with all the essential nutrients like vitamins, trace elements, minerals, proteins and fatty acids in a comprehensive package without letting you put on any additional weight.

You can discard the carbohydrate rich food products entirely from your diet or substitute it with proteins. If you want to lose some considerable amount of weight within a short span of time, this is definitely the perfect fit for you!

You might be required to only drink a powder in a mixture with a low energy fluid or simply water, but you can be sure of losing approximately between 2.5 to 5 pounds every week.

However, you need to fit the bill to become a member of the Low Calorie Diet club. This specific diet should only be undertaken if your BMI is higher than 30 and still should be practiced under medical supervision.

If you are a bit overweight and not obese with a BMI of 27, it might be wise to steer clear. Though you might improve your glycemic control with the Low Calorie Diet, adverse effects ranging from fatigue to gall stones are also quite common.