Music to Listen to For Your Weight Loss Workout

Everybody knows that good music can not only have a huge impact on our day, but also vastly affect our moods. Same goes for any weight loss

You need those amped up songs with a high BPM that make you want to sweat it out, and keep at it until you have run out of breath.

Weight Loss Workout Songs

So what are some really good workout songs that you can listen to during your workout, that keep you motivated and make you want to work even harder? Take a look at the list below:

  • More by Usher: I don’t know about you, but every time Usher says, “push it to the limit”, I want to do even twenty more pushups. Techno, pop and rock, this is one hell of a good workout song.
  • Pretty Handsome Awkward by Smashing Pumpkins: This is a relatively meathead and metal rock song, but trust me, it gets the work done. The falsetto, the insane drums and the guitar solos will want you to sweat till you drop down to the floor.
  • Eye of the Tiger by The Scorpions: If Rocky can jam to this song, you know that this will be one of the best workout songs that you can some across.
  • Remember the Name by Fort Minor: What better way to stay motivated than with a song which is about a man that is motivated from the very beginning of his life?! Also, Mike Shinoda is infinitely cool.