Weight loss ideas

With advancement in science and technology, the techniques with which you can lose weight has changed over the years. Today you can choose numerous methods for losing the unnecessary fat. If you wish, you could even go under the scissors or you have the option to do it your own way as always!

BMI for men and women
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Obesity is a big concern nowadays. More and more people are getting affected by it, owing to the modern lifestyle which involves consumption of junk food and zero physical exercise.

Read more about the Body Mass Index, the measure of body fat.

You might like your chubby cheeks and the love handles, but always keep in mind that obese people have the risk of suffering through numerous health conditions like high blood pressure, heart diseases, sleep apnea, stroke and many other such deadly diseases.

So, having these in mind, it is time when you must work on losing weight: you will not only feel healthy but also self-satisfied to a whole new level. Read on to learn a few tricks.


Nowadays almost every locality has a gym. Visit the nearest one and start your work out. It is preferable to go to a gym which has experienced trainers because if you are a beginner you need to know what exercise will meet your requirements.

Ask your trainer to chalk out a diet plan as well and take a vow of sticking to it strictly.


No matter how much you love pizza and cheesecakes, you have to bid goodbye to them if you want to do away with the extra fat.

Include more and more fiber rich green vegetables in your diet. This will keep your system fresh by preventing constipation. Avoid caffeine, processed sugar, excess salt and alcohol because they were never your friends and it is time you ditch them!

Plan a cheat day once a week but make sure you work pout throughout the week and follow the diet chart so that you get the feeling that you have actually earned the cheat day.


If you cannot manage to hit the gym, you can always do the needful at home. Practice yoga and go for jogging. In this era, everything can be reached at the internet, so look for videos of physical exercise that will help you and follow their instructions thoroughly.

You can also take up swimming, cycling and dancing because these are immensely helpful while rejuvenating your mind and soul.


Set a realistic goal about losing weight. Keep in mind that it is not an overnight process and you have to put in best efforts to lose every kg! Keep a track of your weight and plan your upcoming days accordingly.


If you are in desperate need of losing weight, you can always go for liposuction. Liposuction is a type of cosmetic surgery which helps in removing fat from the body in order to give it a proper shape.

However, if you are thinking about this step just because you don’t like your image on the mirror, do reconsider again and visit your doctor.

Clothes that complement your shape

You might have stood in front of the mirror and wondered why you do not have the physique like that of a Victoria Secret model, but then you look at the chocolate bar at the corner table and settled to the fact that your life is much better this way.

Your failed attempts at losing weight might have made you feel that trendy and fashionable clothes have shut their doors at your face or you have always been in love with your chubby cheeks and thought that being sassy and fashionable is not your cup of tea.

Well, it is time when you must erase all these thoughts from your minds and go shopping right away because being fashionable is the birth right of every person and the number on the weighing machine is…well, just a number carrying no importance when it comes to dressing up!

Read on and keep adding stuffs to your shopping bag!


Go for tiered dresses, double to triple ones. Preferably choose the ones of chiffon. These dresses give a shape to your body and they are perfectly suitable for the spring or summer owing to the fact that they are extremely airy. Go for a knee length tiered dress and let the spring game begin!


There must have been occasions when you really loved a dress but then the prominent waistline made you reject it. Empire waistline is a classic style that never goes out of style and suits perfectly for every body type.

If you want to hide your love handles and shy of the fact that you do not have a flat belly, this waistline will definitely come to your rescue. The dresses or long tops with empire waistline will draw the attention at your face and the upper part of your body while making the part of your body from below the bust look lean.

Choose the dresses that flow loosely from below the waistline and since summer is on its way, get a floral dress and turn heads!


These are extremely loose fitted pants that are taking the fashion industry by storm at present. Pair them up with a short top or a shirt. You might want to tuck them in. choose a cool and sexy top that you love and head out under the sun!


You always wanted to put on a crop top but those extra inches on your belly always screamed out whenever you even thought of trying out a crop top. It is time when you should give the cape tops or cape dresses a try.

The cape tops have high slits, the slit can be at the sides or at the front or both.

Let your belly peek out among the fabrics from the front slit. See your dream of showing your belly come true while standing in front of the mirror and admiring yourself!

Achieving the “ideal body” takes patience and discipline

For most people, achieving the perfect body an uphill battle, and the process as its ups and downs. Weight loss has different experiences for different people. Unfortunately, there are also a large number of myths and misconceptions surrounding the issue of weight loss.

Today, we take a few minutes to debunk some of those myths, or at least talk about how they are not always useful.

I can always skip a day and double the workout the next day:

Believe it or not, working out follows the same principle as sleeping, as in, you cannot double it the next day if you miss the previous day. What happens, when you follow a particular workout routine, is that your body adapts to it.

When you double it the next day, it puts severe stress on your body, and can lead to the prolonged build-up of lactic acid in your muscles, which in turn can cause muscle spasms and sprains. If you must, then slowly add to your existing routines to push yourself.

I can always skip small meals and go to the large ones:

Again, one of the most essentially wrong notions. There is evidence to suggest that smaller portions of food are easier to digest when consumed during the day. They also have the tendency to make you feel fuller, and in turn, reduce the levels of hunger pangs throughout the day.

When you skip the smaller meals, you are hungry, and end up eating too much during lunch of dinner. That is why, make sure to snack on fruits and veggies during the day, and never ever skip breakfast in the morning.

I have to completely stay away from carbs and sugar:

When you suddenly cut off something from your regular diet, your body experiences a lack of it, and thus you develop withdrawal which results in cravings. The secret to a good body and healthy diet is all about balanced meals, which means carbs.

Carbs are essential in giving your energy throughout the day. Therefore, do not completely shy away from the occasional dessert, bread and pasta once in a while. In fact, you can incorporate them into your “cheat days”.

I can always take weight loss supplements:

This is definitely a tricky situation. While the internet is filled with “miracle pills” that promise sudden and dramatic weight loss, it is always a safer bet to stick to natural weight loss techniques.

Even if the pills manage to shed the weight, if you do not work out, then you will automatically put the weight back on. Instead, develop a healthy meal plan and incorporate at least twenty minutes of your favourite exercise into it.

We always say, that weight loss is a learning process. Be kind to yourself, but most importantly, to your body. Strive, not just towards shedding those extra pounds, but towards achieving and maintaining a healthy body.

Weight Loss for New Mothers

Losing all of the weight that new mothers put on during their pregnancy can be a slow process.

Of course, this goes without saying that they should not start working out immediately after birth, but gradually ease into the whole process, because the body still goes through a number of changes, especially when the mothers are breast feeding.

Today, we take a look at some of the safe and less stressful alternative workout and exercise plans that can help new mothers shed some of the extra pounds.

Parental Yoga:

Yoga is one of the most relaxing exercises in the world. In fact, amongst post birth mothers, yoga happens to be one of the most popular alternatives. Not only does it not make you stress out, but you can always sign up for some baby and mommy yoga classes, that let you bring your baby along.

Will you get to exercise, but also spend some quality time with your bundle of joy while you are at it.


This may sound simple, and that is exactly the trick. For a lot of women who have had complicated pregnancies, even walking can be a little difficult. That is why, when you start, start with a simple and tensionless routine.

As the days go by, you can increase both your pace as well as the duration of your walk. Once you are done with that, and want to push yourself some more, you can always bring your baby on your back as an extra weight, and climb stairs.

Kneeling Pelvic Tilt:

These can work wonders in helping your ease the pain on your back, neck and shoulders, which can come from sitting in one position for too long, as well as help tighten your tummy.

Make sure that when you do the forward kneeling pelvic tilt, your back is straight and relaxed, and not curved, because this will only add to your back pain.

Floor Bridges:

When it comes to tightening your tummy muscles and working on your thighs and buttocks, nothing works as good as bridges, irrespective of whether you are in your post pregnancy phase or not.

For the best results, make sure that when you start out, you hold your bridges for at least three seconds, and then slowly increase this duration. However, if you are still recovering from a Caesarian section birth, or still have sore muscles, it is best to avoid floor bridges.


Planks are excellent when it comes to strengthening your core, which is what kick starts your weight loss.

If you are not completely ready for an intense workout, and still recovering, then planks are your best bet, as they help you not only with just your core strength, but also abs, your tummy, thighs as well as your buttocks.

Did we miss any exercises that you love? Leave us a comment in the section below and let us know which exercises helped you shed the pounds after your pregnancy.

Weight Loss Exercises that you are Probably Doing Wrong

Your body is actually made to engineer in very precise ways. As a result of this, a good workout can go a very long way. But what if you are hitting the gym regularly, but you still can’t see either the results appear or the extra sheds disappear?

Well, if that is what is actually happening with you, then chances are that all of the weight loss exercises that you have been doing so diligently are wrongly done, and your posture is to be blamed.

Today, we take a look at some of the exercises that you are probably doing wrong.

Side Plank:

Side planks are an excellent way to improve your core strength as well as help your thighs and your tummy shed those few extra pounds. But where most people go wrong is that they let their hips sink towards the floor, which causes a break in the midsection line.

Always remember to hold your entire body in a straight line as you lifts your arm completely perpendicular to your body. You must always engage your core muscles when it comes to a side plank.

Ground Lunges:

The major mistake that most people make when doing lunges, is that they take small steps, that is, the distance between their legs is too small. This creates unnecessary pressure on their knees and can even cause sprains.

In order to avoid this, make sure that the distance between one knee and the other toe is at least 2 feet, and that your thigh is parallel to the floor.

Straight Planks:

Like side plank, the main issue with straight plank is the posture, or to be more specific, holding your body in a straight line. Most people have the tendency where they pop their buttock upwards, making an inverted V shape.

This creates immense pressure on your spine as well as your legs. Instead, make sure that your entire body is in a straight line. This will make sure that you are holding your core.

Long Crunches:

One of the bets exercises that help reduce the fat along the abdomen, is the crunch. But the problem is that most people put too much pressure on their spine and attempt to touch their heads to their knees.

This can cause severe back problems. Instead, make sure that the arch created by you during each crunch is small, so that you only raise half of your upper body, engaging your abs.

Push Ups:

Most people make the mistake of placing their palms way apart than their shoulders, which creates pressure on their shoulders and back. To avoid this mistake, make sure that both of your palms are placed exactly below your shoulders at an equal distance, in order to gain the maximum output from your workout.

A good posture not only determines how much benefits you reap from your workout, but it also affects your health. Leave us a comment below and let us know what you think!