Decrease calorie intake by just 10% to increase life span – study shows!

Calories have always been a word of talk when concerned about health, life and healthy living. This time it is about the diseases and the life expectancy which comes with reduced calorie intake.

Scientists are of the view that reducing calorie intake by just 10% can decrease your risk of diseases and increase your life expectancy. The fact was revealed with a comprehensive study which was done on the groups of monkeys.

The results of the study proved that:

  • Cutting down calorie intake tends to reduce the risk of premature death
  • The monkeys who were put to the study had shown that a restricted diet could make them 2.9 times less likely to catch diseases
  • the probability to die young reduces by almost 3 times

Cutting down the calorie intake is proven to make people live longer and healthier. It can also aid in reducing the risk of premature death.

The scientists have spent 25 years of their life in studying the impacts of low calorie intake on the ageing of monkeys at the University of Wisconsin Madison.

A group of monkeys were put to a restricted diet where the calorie intake was reduced by 30%. The research revealed that the monkeys showed lesser chance of dying early and has lesser age related diseases. The research also proved that the monkeys were healthier and more active.

Furthermore, the monkeys put to calorie restricted diet were compared to a group of monkeys who were allowed to eat as much as they want. And the result explained that the monkeys who were allowed to eat as much as they wanted had 2.9 times more risk of catching diseases with also three times higher risk of dying early.

There had been many researches to further enhance the study and find the complete outcome of the calorie reduced diets. It revealed that when rodents and flies were put to calorie restricted diets of almost 30% reduction it affected their life expectancy and extends their life span by almost 40%.

A further research on calorie restriction

Took place in which the monkeys were fed on the diet charts which was designed by the National Academy of Science and had slightly increased calorie intake from the last researches. The impact proves that almost 10% reduction in calories is enough to achieve the desired increase in lifespan compared to the 30% reduction in calories.

This has also led to a lot of drugs manufacturing companies to find formulas and ways of developing drugs which reduces the calorie intake in the body and thus helps in increasing the life span and slowing the ageing process. Although the study did not improve the survival rates in monkeys, the probability of legalizing the drugs has held the matter to significance.

The researchers urge people to not reduce the calorie intake below the recommended levels as further research shall take place on varied aspects and effects of the diet. As the human body does need calories to carry out the daily task, cutting down calories to adverse levels shall affect their lifestyle, make them inactive as well as some people may fall sick too.

But with people there can always be a benefit in reducing the number of calories in the diet. A complete full stop will put the body into emergency storage mode which will end up storing more fat and making the body unhealthy. So it is important to consume calories but reducing it slightly will increase the life span and health.

Thus when you are on calorie reduced diets for losing weight or making positive changes in your life, you are not just improving your health but also increasing your life span!

4 Foods that Help You Lose Weight

Shedding all of those extra pounds is an uphill battle, especially if you are clueless as to where you should start. But wouldn’t it be a little easier, if you knew of certain kinds of food that helped you lose weight faster?

Well, fortunately, a number of studies in the past have revealed that there are, in fact, certain food items that help you lose weight a lot faster.

Today, we bring you a brief insight into some of those few foods.


Yes, the rumors are true, after all, that spicy food can indeed help you shed some weight. The secret behind this lies in the substance called capsaicin. This alkaloid substance is the one that gives the pepper all of its heat as well as helps in the weight loss process.

The fact is, in the human body, fat is stored in two forms – the white fat cells and the brown fat cells. The capsaicin interacts with the body, raising its temperature and effectively speeding up the entire process of burning up the brown fat cells of the body.

Apple Cider Vinegar:

It is a known fact that acids helps in easier and faster digestion of protein, which is what forms the building blocks of muscles in our bodies.

When you drink apple cider vinegar during your meals or even before it, you make sure that the acidic content in your stomach is higher, which means that the digestion of your food will be faster and more thorough.

This also means that there are less fat substituents left behind in your stomach after you have had your food.


As such, there aren’t enough scientific evidences and studies to suggest that grapefruit may contain certain essential elements that help in weight loss, but it has been suggested that people who eat grapefruit before major meals are twice as likely to lose weight.

This is because a single grapefruit has a very high quantity of water and fiber, which are the two major elements that help you feel fuller for a longer amount of time, resulting in a decreased level of hunger and consumption of other food items.

Salmon could aid the weight loss process

Oily fish, as studies suggest, do help you lose weight. Salmon, especially wild salmon, is lean and very high in protein content, which is what boosts your overall rate of metabolism, helps you feel fuller and burns fat quicker.

Apart from this, the high Omega-3 fatty acid in the salmon also prevents chances of heart conditions, high blood pressure and development of diabetes later on. For best results, avoid cooking your salmon in butter and drenching it in highly fatty creamy or oily dressings.

So, there you have it, some very common and utilitarian food items that help you in your struggle against weight. Of course, this goes without saying that just eating these will not help, and you need to combine them with a good workout plan to get the best results.

Safflower oil for weight loss – Effects and considerations!

We apply a lot of ways to reduce the excess weight we have put on and try numerous food and oils in the process. Safflower oil is one such oil which has health benefits associated with it as well as gives boost to the fat burning in our body.

safflower oil weight loss benefits -

While proper food is very essential, one must give importance to smart choices of cooking and supplements which may not guarantee complete weight loss but do help in shedding those extra pounds easily.

While safflower oil does not promise to be the key contributor to reducing body weight, when taken in recommended proportions can aid in helping to shed those extra kilos which have been troubling you!

Safflower oil could promote reduction of belly fat and Cholesterol

safflower oil bottle weight loss - slim4fun.comSafflower oil is developed from the seeds of safflower plant and is used extensively in cooking. This oil is known to have some clinical properties which aid the reduction of belly fat easily.

Safflower oil contains Phytosterols which helps in reduction of cholesterol in the body and also has Omega-6 polyunsaturated fatty acids which helps in reducing the insulin resistance of the body.

Because the fatty acids help in better consumption of calories and burning it and lowers down the LDL cholesterol in the body, the belly fat reduces considerably.

Safflower oil lowers down the blood glucose levels

This comes as good news for the diabetic patients and the people who experience high blood sugar levels. Regular consumption of a minimum amount of Safflower oil in diet helps in controlling the blood sugar levels and keeps your diabetes in check.

Although one must consider having a healthy diet and exercising regularly and not just rely on the safflower oil inclusion in the diet. The oil does not guarantee or act as an aid to the weight loss and thus has to be taken in minimal measures after recommendation from the doctor.

Unsaturated fats in Safflower oil increase fat metabolism

Safflower oil has been clinically tested for its effects on losing weight and some of the tests reveal a positive effect on the body with high chances of reducing the belly fat and increase the fat burning process in the body.

The unsaturated fats in the safflower oil causes an elevation of the hormone in the body called adiponectin which has a deep connection with fat metabolism and helps in losing the belly fat considerably.

Considerations before consumption of Safflower oil

No matter how magical or harmless the researches by different clinical organizations and scientists may look one must take best care of themselves and before choosing to opt for the inclusion of safflower oil in the diet, they must consult their doctor and know if the oil shall work for you.

Regular exercising and proper nutritious diet are two other important factors that one must consider rather than blindly following the inclusion of this oil in the diet. It is with the collaborative eating and the inclusion of a healthy lifestyle that the weight loss problem can be solved and one can lead a better maintained and healthy life!


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Food items that are not helping you lose weight

The one problem with weight loss is that there are a large number of misunderstandings surrounding it, especially when it comes to people who want to lose weight quickly. We cannot emphasize it enough that weight loss is a slow process and something that your body must learn to internalize, or else you will end up putting back the weight that you worked so hard to lose.

But today, we talk to you about some food items that you may have been lead to believe help you shed a few pounds, but actually they do not such thing.

Energy drinks are making you fat

It is very common to see people grab onto a few bottles of energy drinks, especially during their workout routines or when they are running. Yes, we get the idea that it gives you energy for all of the hard exercises that you are doing, but in reality, energy drinks do you more harm than good. They contain very high amounts of sugar and sodium, which not only add to your increasing weight, but also mess up your body’s blood pressure.

Salads with creamy dressing do not help weight loss

Eating fresh salads and vegetables is one of the healthiest habits that you can cultivate, but when you eat your salads with certain dressings, you are consuming more calories and fat than you actually realize.

Creamy and oily dressings contain high amounts of fat, sugar, sodium as well as preservatives that are neither very filling, and nor are they any help in shedding the extra weight. Alternatively, you can always switch them with a little bit of raspberry vinegar, mustard and so on.

Coffee with too much sugar and cream

Yes, there happen to be scientific evidences to suggest that coffee may help you lose some weight, and the caffeine also helps your body stay awake longer, but the issues is that most people, when they drink their regular cups of coffee, they do so with lots of sugar and cream, which is a huge negative. Not only do sugar and cream have absolutely no positive food value, but they also act as obstacles in your weight loss routine.

Cereal with additives

It is tempting to eat some pre-packed cereal first thing in the morning before your day starts, but trust us on this, most cereals, even most pre-packed muesli also has a very high quantity of sugar and sodium in them. You can always switch them out with a breakfast consisting of fat-free yoghurt and some fruits, and in order to save yourself the time and hassle, you can always pack them in a jar and leave them overnight.

Of course, there are also a large number of other food items that are equally misleading, but we focused on these few. This goes on to show that you should always take an expert’s opinion, especially when you are trying to lose weight.

What do you think? Leave us a comment in the section below and let us know!

Simple Tips for Weight Loss

When it comes to losing weight, a lot of us are unwilling to go to the gym and go on diets, because frankly, it can be a bit trying, especially when one is not in the habit of working out.

But as they say, it is always about the small things. Instead of suddenly trying to push weights, wouldn’t it be better if you tried some things at home first to get the hang of it?

So today, we bring you a list of simple tips for weight loss you can incorporate into your daily live and everyday routines to accelerate the process of shedding weight.

Skip the processed foods:

One of the biggest contributors to global obesity has to be processed fast food. From high sugar content that can give rise to diabetes, insane amounts of sodium that can cause high BP to fatty acids that clog arteries, processed fast foods are basically all the seven circles of hell combined in one.

So instead if processed snacks, switch the foods; instead of carbonated drinks, switch to water. These little things will not only help you cut down on all the fat, but also provide your body with necessary nutrients and vitamins.

Get a pet:

This may seem like an odd suggestion, but trust us on this. If you are not allergic to animal fur, getting a pet can work wonders. That is because every time you walk your pet, you get some exercise as well. Apart from this, it has been scientifically proven that people who have pets, are statistically less likely to suffer from depression and anxiety, and tend to be happier than people who do not have pets.

Switch to healthier alternatives:

You are what you eat, they say. So maybe instead of all of the food that you eat during the day in order to save time, you may want to switch to healthier alternatives, that are just as easy and quick to whisk up.

For instance, while you are working, let a pot of tea brew, instead of your daily coffee. Assort a fruit breakfast the night before so you save time in the morning. Instead of a granola bar, packed with sugar, grab a fresh apple instead.

Stop obsessing over a certain body type:

Losing weight is all about being healthy, and not just simply about copying a certain body type. As a human being, you have to stop fixating on certain bodies, because every single person is born different and has a different structure.

Thus, your goal should be to attain the best possible shape that you can, instead of, say, a celebrity’s body type just because you think they look good. You must love your body first in order to make it better.

Losing weight is a slow process, and it is not just a goal that you achieve and then you’re done. You have to constantly keep working. The only way to do this is if you change your simpler, everyday habits into healthier ones.