4 myths on abdominal exercises

abs-myths-slim4funMyth 1: You must do abs exercises every day for your abs to show

No, you should not do abs every day. The abdominal muscles are no different from other muscle groups and therefore need at least one day of rest between workouts.

Myth 2: You must do (at least) 100 repetitions to show your abs

There is no need to do 100+ reps to get your abs in shape. Since you would not do 100 pushups or exercises for biceps or shoulders, why would you do 100 and more reps for abs? To obtain the six pack you wish and tone the muscle area you should gradually increase the weight carried, adding more weight on equipment used or using either dumbbells or elastic bands in exercises such as crunches and leg deadlifts.

Myth 3. Doing abs will burn the fat

Doing abs will in no way get rid of the fat in the abdomen area. Just as with other muscle groups, their exercise does not mean that the fat covering them will disappear. The only way to “burn” fat is to increase training intensity thus burning more calories and follow a healthy diet.

Myth 4. Ab exercises hurt the back

The abdominal workout will not worsen your problem (if you have) on your back. On the contrary, the abdominal will help and stabilize the muscles of the waist and back.

How to acquire a flat belly simply with some basic rules!

flat-belly-slim4funHere are some simple tips to achieve a flat belly:

  • Straight back

If you keep a straight back, your shoulders at the back, and a tight belly you have already improved your image to the outside.

  • Water will save you!

It is best to drink water instead of thick juices and refreshments which will save you hundreds of calories! Try also to consume two glasses of water before eating.

  • Toilet is important

Go to the toilet as often as possible, preferably at least once a day. If you have difficulty, try to integrate cereals, dried fruits, legumes, vegetables and fruit in your diet.

  • Have a snack

Eat a snack containing protein between 15:00 and 16:00. Select one protein bar, an egg, a piece of low fat cheese or a few almonds and an apple.

  • “Salt, do not bloat me”

Prefer to use natural sea salt or Himalayan salt. Try also to reduce the salt you put on food.

  • Walk!

No need to go jogging, no need to run. Walking is not a strenuous form of exercise, it is just a way to boost your metabolism.

  • “A Mochachino with extra whipped cream and 700 calories please”

The coffee when it is not accompanied by sugar and other additions, has no calories. Change habit and choose to drink your coffee plain, with no sugar.

  • Relax

When you feel stressed and depressed, your body reacts negatively affecting the digestive system. Do something that relaxes you for a few minutes every day, sleep enough and you’ll be very happy with the results.