10 Foods Promoting Weight Loss

A good weight loss regimen involves not only good exercise, but also a good weight loss promoting diet.

Here are some of the food items out there that are sure to help you shed those extra pounds:

  • Salmon

When it comes to lean sources of protein, it does not get better than salmon. It’s a type of white meat so it will fill you up, without adding any of the excess fat.

  • Beans

All beans in the legume family are excellent promoters of weight loss, thanks to their high protein content and portion control capability.

  • Oats

Oats are an excellent source of soluble fiber that can be eaten in their stead to help regulate glucose levels in the blood.

  • The cabbage family

Cabbages, broccoli, lettuce and cauliflower are among some of the cruciferous vegetables that are very low in calories but high in fiber.

  • Flax seeds

These are very popular for their high fiber content which boosts your metabolism.

  • Brown rice

Compared to white rice, brown rice is loaded with fiber, and resistant carbs that help in burning fat.

  • Bananasbananas-weight-loss-slim4fun

These are an excellent source of immediate energy, especially before a workout.

  • Potatoes

While they may be loaded with carbs, if taken in small quantities, they can be more filling than a slice of white bread.

  • Avocadoavocado-could-help-weight-loss-slim4fun

Avocadoes are full of mono-saturated fats which are digested more slowly than any other food group, so you feel satisfied for longer.

  • Water

They say that water is life. Many times we mistake thirst for hunger, and so whenever you think you’re hungry, just drink a glass or two of water.

A Protein Guide for Vegetarians

Tasty vegetarian protein sources

Proteins are an important component of our diet, having been described, on more than one occasion as the “building blocks of life” since once they have been digested; they break up into amino acids that promote sell repair as well as growth.

Various animal products are known to be excellent sources of proteins, but for vegetarians, these animal products are not an option.

Luckily there are numerous sources of protein that Vegetarians enjoy, such as:

  • Beans

Legumes in general are considered to be excellent sources of protein, and beans are at the forefront of this diverse family. They are rich in protein, making them an excellent go to meal after a fitness workout.

  • Soy

From soybeans to soy milk, anything with soy in it is an excellent source of protein. So the good news is that soy milk is not just for the lactose intolerant but also great for vegetarians.

  • Nuts

When it comes to nuts, you get a double benefit, because aside from being an excellent source of protein, nuts are also a source of fat. Some nuts, however, also contain calories, so it is wiser to select them raw or dry roasted.

  • Quinoa

Another excellent source of protein is grains, but specific types of grains such as quinoa, a gluten free grain that is not only rich in proteins, but also very rich in fiber as well as magnesium.

There are many more sources of protein such as artichokes, amaranth and peas and these are just to name but a few of the protein sources that vegetarians enjoy.