The Glycemic Index Diet

The Glycemic Index Diet is unique because it is based on picking your foods according to the effects these foods have on your blood sugar levels. It was of course first developed as a way to help diabetic patients keep track of the foods they ate and how these foods would affect their blood sugar levels. This resembles calorie counting, and it is based around this the Glycemic Index Diet was developed.

The point of this diet is that some types of carbohydrates raise the blood sugar level very fast and these are the bad carbs. What you want is the carbs that raise blood sugar steadily over a long period of time, because these are the good carbs.

The bad carbs tend to make you feel hungry much sooner, which causes you to snack unnecessarily and more often. The good carbs keep you feeling satisfied for a long period of time, preventing the excessive snacking that often leads to unwanted weight gain.

On the issue of the foods themselves, bad carbs include foods such as white bread, white rice and even refined wheat flour. These foods have a Glycemic Index of 70 and higher.

Foods with a low glycemic index of 55 and under include oats, most fruits, nuts, beans and whole meal foods altogether. There are of course foods that fall in the medium glycemic index range of 56 to 69 such as spaghetti, bananas and even corn on the cob.

Another unique thing about this diet is that it is not only centered on weight loss, but longevity and better health overall.

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Simple home tricks to lose your weight

A very popular dictum and concern today is, “Oh God, when did I get so fat?” or “How am I going to fit in that awesome dress of mine I bought just a year back?”

Well, it has become almost a universal trouble these days and people are spending sleepless nights pondering how to knock off those pounds so that they can look picture perfect.

However, one thing that must be mentioned in this connection is that losing weight is not everything.

Although a slim body means less diseases than an obese one, being fat does not necessarily mean that you are unfit or being thin that you are fit. Still, it is important to maintain an average body weight as it helps with various issues.

Now, losing weight might sound a huge task to many but it really is not that big a deal. Apart from the usual means, there are also some natural home tricks that you might follow if you want to aid your process of weight loss without any kind of side effects. Let us read on to know more:

  • Stop eating junk foods and carbonated drinks
  • Include more and more fruits and vegetables to your normal everyday diet and reduce the quantity of carbohydrates
  • Although you might stick to your normal diet it is better if you reduce the quantity of food that you intake and instead go for short meals at regular intervals like fruits, vegetables, corn flakes etc.
  • Be yourself and go out and lead an active life

How to lose weight when you hit 50?

Losing weight, as it is, is quite a hazardous task for most of us, irrespective of a man or a woman or what kind of life style we lead.

weight loss after 50
Don’t become like this character from the Austin Powers movie.

While the weight gain is a rather rapid thing and we do not even realize how we acquire so much fat, the losing part is quite a difficult job since it involves a number of issues like watching your diet, rigorous exercise and so on.

Naturally, it is a constant nagging problem for almost all of us across the globe and something that we just cannot get out of our mind.

However, this losing weight thing becomes all the more of a challenge when you are pushing your 40s and your body is not the same as it used to be in picking up quick responses.

Thus maintain a fit body and a good shape almost seems like an impossibility and you keep on wondering how to get back to being the real you without all these excess pounds.

Here are some ways on how you can knock off those nagging kilos once you hit your 50s:

  • Do not deprive yourself. At this age your body needs essential foods and minerals to function.
  • Instead of considering working out options, go for interesting things like yoga, cycling etc.
  • Cut down on carbohydrates as it is also not good for your heart and focus more on fiber.
  • Try to do things yourself instead of becoming dependant on others as this will keep you physically active.

How to lose weight in ten days?

lose-weight-really-fast-slim4funAll of us, at some point of time in our lives have wondered what could be the best possible method of losing weight super fast. It is like a dream for us all to shed all those extra nagging pounds that refuse to go away even after several diet regimes and workouts.

It becomes all the more harassing when you have to lose weight really fast for that wedding party or the big occasion that you are eyeing.

Now, it is quite natural that all these would come to haunt you just about ten to fifteen days before the D-day celebration and naturally you are left with no choice but to follow some basic crash course that in turn might adversely affect you. But wait, we have a solution for you right here right now.

It is now not at all a big deal to lose weight really quick, especially if you have a big party just round the corner and are waiting eagerly to flaunt that gorgeous dress. Here are 5 easy steps that you can follow to lose weight in just 10 days:

  • Go full on fibre and reduce or stop carbohydrate intake
  • Go green with fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Include a one hour strict and rigorous workout schedule in your daily routine and stick to it religiously
  • Take the stairs instead of the lift at your work and take walks for those short rides
  • Say complete no to fatty and junk foods with calories

Common Weight Loss Myths Debunked

weight-loss-myths-debunked-slim4funThe world of dieting and weight loss is filled with an endless abyss of myths, misunderstandings and misconceptions, which not only discourage people from working out, but following those advises can also cause serious physical repercussions as well.

Therefore, today we debunk some of the most common weight loss myths and false notions, and hopefully inspire you to give it a try.

  • Eating more fruits helps in weight loss: Too much of any good thing can be bad, and this is applicable to fruits as well. Fruits contain natural sugars, and too much of them can also contribute to weight gain.
  • Weight loss supplements are miraculous: According to most studies, weight loss supplements do not actually work. The ones that do usually work to a limited amount. Therefore, it is always a good idea to forgo them completely.
  • Work out more: Working out too much can lead to serious injury to your muscles or bones, and the lactic acid buildup in the muscles of your body will cause a sense of lethargy or tiredness during the rest of your day.
  • Carbohydrates should be avoided: carbohydrates are the main energy providers for your body. In fact, it is essential to have carbs as a daily part of your diet. Whole food that contain carbs, are very good for your system.
  • Obesity is all about eating: The rate of your metabolism or the rate of obesity is largely dependent on the genes that you inherit from your parents.