Bizarre Weight Loss Diets

Bizarre Weight Loss DietsOver the years, the health industry, particularly the weight loss industry has seen some pretty wide range of tips, tricks and diets, some good, some bad and others simply whacky.

Today, we take a look at some of the most bizarre weight loss diets that have ever seen the light of day. Suffice to say, we advise against following them.

  • Ice diet: In this diet, an individual eats tons of fresh ice cubes before every meal, and often in between meals, to feel fuller, and thus consume lesser amount of food.
  • Hard boiled eggs diet: A particular Hollywood celebrity, in order to lose weight for a role, ate one hard-boiled egg in the morning, and three hard boiled eggs for dinner at night, and nothing else! Talk about a hard diet!
  • Baby food: This diet literally entails eating baby food during most of the say, since baby food is supposed to consist of lesser amounts of sugar and calories.
  • The cookie diet: One particular celebrity swears by this. This diet entails eating only six cookies throughout the day and one solid meal at night, and nothing else, and we even mean no snacking in between!
  • The cleanse diet: On particular cleanse diet took things to the extreme. It includes drinking laxatives with your teas and coffees, as well as consuming a juice of pepper, maple syrup and lemon. We strictly advise against following this diet because not only is it very difficult to follow, but also extremely unhealthy.

The Juice Cleanse Diet

Are you one of us who are never satisfied with what is offered to you on a silver platter and seek something more from even such a pedantic way of living as dieting?

The Juice Cleanse Diet is programmed to promote weight loss while cleansing you from deep within, albeit naturally.

Since this diet is entirely based on the juice derived from raw produce, it is advisable that you restrict it to three days at a time but once you do, be prepared to unleash your body’s superhuman fighting powers to counteract the toxins that had accumulated over the years, bringing out your pristine radiance.

Tasty yet healthy, your first step towards a balanced lifestyle

The Juice Cleanse Diet would flood your body with the nutrients and antioxidants that would eventually lead to burning of the fat molecules.

But before you start, try drinking eight glasses of water religiously for three days prior to your diet while saying ‘no’ to fast foods, caffeinated beverages and alcohol.

During your cleanse, begin the day with a warm glass of lemon water and drink fruit juices every two hours such that you must have consumed six glasses of juice in a day.

After you have completed the three day cleanse period, eat fruits and green vegetables on the first day, gluten free grains and nuts on the second and organic proteins like fish on the final day.juice-cleanse-diet-slim4fun

If you don’t want to stick to the juice diet in it’s entirety, you might also munch on fresh fruits, vegetables and eggs during the cleansing period. Since, it might be prove to be demanding for some, it is preferable that you don’t indulge in it during a particularly stressful period in your life if you haven’t got nerves of steel.

Indulging in walks, yoga and writing journals documenting your everyday experiences are encouraged for a holistic effect of the Juice Cleanse Diet.