Achieving the “ideal body” takes patience and discipline

For most people, achieving the perfect body an uphill battle, and the process as its ups and downs. Weight loss has different experiences for different people. Unfortunately, there are also a large number of myths and misconceptions surrounding the issue of weight loss.

Today, we take a few minutes to debunk some of those myths, or at least talk about how they are not always useful.

I can always skip a day and double the workout the next day:

Believe it or not, working out follows the same principle as sleeping, as in, you cannot double it the next day if you miss the previous day. What happens, when you follow a particular workout routine, is that your body adapts to it.

When you double it the next day, it puts severe stress on your body, and can lead to the prolonged build-up of lactic acid in your muscles, which in turn can cause muscle spasms and sprains. If you must, then slowly add to your existing routines to push yourself.

I can always skip small meals and go to the large ones:

Again, one of the most essentially wrong notions. There is evidence to suggest that smaller portions of food are easier to digest when consumed during the day. They also have the tendency to make you feel fuller, and in turn, reduce the levels of hunger pangs throughout the day.

When you skip the smaller meals, you are hungry, and end up eating too much during lunch of dinner. That is why, make sure to snack on fruits and veggies during the day, and never ever skip breakfast in the morning.

I have to completely stay away from carbs and sugar:

When you suddenly cut off something from your regular diet, your body experiences a lack of it, and thus you develop withdrawal which results in cravings. The secret to a good body and healthy diet is all about balanced meals, which means carbs.

Carbs are essential in giving your energy throughout the day. Therefore, do not completely shy away from the occasional dessert, bread and pasta once in a while. In fact, you can incorporate them into your “cheat days”.

I can always take weight loss supplements:

This is definitely a tricky situation. While the internet is filled with “miracle pills” that promise sudden and dramatic weight loss, it is always a safer bet to stick to natural weight loss techniques.

Even if the pills manage to shed the weight, if you do not work out, then you will automatically put the weight back on. Instead, develop a healthy meal plan and incorporate at least twenty minutes of your favourite exercise into it.

We always say, that weight loss is a learning process. Be kind to yourself, but most importantly, to your body. Strive, not just towards shedding those extra pounds, but towards achieving and maintaining a healthy body.

How to lose weight with a busy schedule?

Can you lose weight when you have a tight schedule?

No matter whatever walk of life you belong to and whatever your profession is, weight gain seems to be a common problem among all and thus there are apparently a number of solutions to it. But each body is different and more importantly, not every person has the same circumstances to follow the weight loss sessions.

Now, if you are leading a tremendously hectic life and you hardly have enough time for yourself, chances are that most of the easy weigh loss solutions will not work for you.

Do not lose heart since nothing is impossible. Even if you are working in some big company with double shifts, it will not pose a hindrance to your aim of losing weight.

Simple rules for weight loss

  • Start by deciding how much weight you want to lose immediately. This will give you a focus and motivation.
  • Try to mix more with people, especially at work, who share your motivation and whose diet plans are similar to yours.
  • Plan  and keep a note of your daily workout sessions and your calorie intake
  • Enroll for some yoga, gym or dance class with a friend who shares your enthusiasm for weight loss.
  • Set an alarm on your phone or computer to remind you to have food at intervals and to go for short exercises.
  • Buy organic food products and try to avoid those small office parties. If you have to attend then avoid the food as much as possible.

Eating during a weight loss program?

what-eat-during-weight-loss-program-slim4funAsk anyone with even the slightest weight issues and he or she would tell you that although there are like a ten thousand of weight loss programs out there.

Some of these programs you can follow at home, some you go with professional help, but all are no less confusing than the other and at the end of the day all you end up with is spending quite a few bucks and some diet charts and plans that do not suit your choices or even your life style.

This is mostly because although you may have put in a lot of money and some effort into it, your heart is not in it at all since only you would know what the right thing for your body is.

Thus before you go for some other help, work out a plan for yourself with some necessary tips and then go about it. You will see the results in no time.

All you need to know is what exactly to eat that will aid your weight loss process and how to eat those so that you incur the maximum benefit. The rest will automatically fall into place. Let’s take a look:

  • Stick to your usual regular diet, do go for more and more fruit and vegetable juices like pomegranate, citrus, berries etc before your meals as that will reduce your appetite.
  • Eat at regular interval of every two to three hours as this will stop you from eating all at once
  • Try to maintain a disciplined life as this will help your cause

Losing weight the right way

Losing Weight the Right Way
Losing Weight the Right Way

Whatever you do in life, however much you achieve professional or academic success in your career, at the end it all boils down to one particular issue which is how well you lead your life, how well you take care of yourself and ultimately how you feel about yourself.

Thus in order to lead a healthy life and keep on continuing to achieve success, it is very important to be actually mentally and physically fit, or chances are that you may fall behind. One big aspect of keeping fit is staying slim and trim which will not only keep you active but also disease free.

Consequently losing weight is rather vital to your well being and also your overall success. But random weight loss with crash diets can cause you more harm than good and so therefore it is quite essential that you not only just lose weight but also lose it the right way. Here are some useful tips for you:

  • Do not skip meals or over stress yourself with the thought of losing weight
  • Always follow a healthy diet. Not eating or eating less is not a permanent solution
  • Do at least half hour exercise but never overdo it
  • Do not blindly follow others. Know what is good for your own body
  • Give your body the required time. Do not over burden yourself with excessive dieting and exercise
  • Do not be too harsh on yourself and allow yourself some occasional cheat days