Delay the negative effects of ageing – start exercising!

exercise slows down agingWith each passing day the thought of losing the youthfulness and body metabolism starts hitting at an early age. With body losing its balance slowly and moving towards bad reflexes, memory power and slower metabolism, our body ages slowly but there is one thing that you can do to prevent from the ageing.

Researches show that there is something that you can actually do to prevent your body from ageing or more to make you hold on to your age and that is – exercising!

Exercise slows down aging

There have been numerous researches showing that fit and exercising older adults can be as active and performing as the young ones. As with age the body starts to get older and less functioning there is a need to maintain your body and the researches have made it evident that it is possible to maintain your body and be active as much as you had been in your youth.

Exercising as we all know is like a boon to our body. With stretching, jogging, running and even doing yoga you are able to lose weight, maintain a healthy lifestyle, cure bad mood and maintain a good sleep cycle.

But in the latest research the results show that when older adults are exercising regularly they tend to have the same stamina and strength as young people. This is clearly understood by a study on the group of cyclists who used to be doing cycling from the very young age.

Cycling we all know works on the body balance and build strength in the body. With increased stamina and better metabolism cycling surely is a complete workout. So when the group of old cyclists were chosen for the research it was found that they were all fit and active. People from similar lifestyle were chosen and put to different routines to test their strength and stamina.

These groups of people were also checked on their body strength and build and found to be as fit as a young adult today. With inspection of the cardiovascular systems, metabolism, hormonal levels and muscle strength the group seemed to be perfectly healthy! Their stamina and endurance were also good.

Amazing results of the research on cyclists

The results of the group of cyclists were given to a clinician and asked to predict the age of the people and it was impossible to do so! Given the older people have decreased muscle mass and lower endurance, the age became evident but apart from these reasons the prediction of age seemed impossible. Thus proving that exercising can help you retain the youthfulness of the body and stay active for longer.

The reporters and scientists told that exercising regularly can help your body function well from inside and keep you young from within. With better functioning of organs and disease free from inside, the body remains as good as youth.

What amazed us the most was that these people were as fit mentally as they were physically! With possibly lesser signs of depression and anxiety, they had the right mental health.

Although this was a simple test depicting the impact of exercising on regular cyclists, the research is made on varied groups of people and progressing towards better understanding. Further research shall reveal more comprehensive and detailed study with more lifestyles chosen and the impact of exercising on different lifestyles.

So if you still think that a walk in the morning or taking the steps instead of lift is not going to count – think again!

Exercising in any way can prevent you from ageing, and keep you active even in the oldest of time!

Quick common-sense weight loss tips

It is not surprising that the obesity has been clasping us firmly and fads over this issue are ample. It is unlikely that an overweight / obese person would not fall prey to one of those myths and false notions.quick common sense weight loss tips -

However, it must be noted that most of these notions lack a full-proof evidence and scientific explanation. Evidence-based tips are better for your health and lifestyle.

Stop harping upon crash diets and skipping meals after having a lump sum amount of fattening foods, initiate a healthy and balanced diet for reducing your weight in a safer manner.

Enjoy your breakfast. It is very much important to incorporate a proper breakfast in your meal-pattern. It not only reduces your unnecessary food cravings at the end of the day, it too provides you with the requisite energy.

Gulping down glasses of water can fantastically contribute to weight loss by enhancing the body metabolism, thus burning more calories. Researchers are of the opinion that that taking a whole egg is extremely beneficial for overweight people.

Basically it reduces the calorie intake for at least 36 hours and those who do not consume eggs can supplement it with a proteinaceous diet.

Antioxidants are helpful. Consumption of antioxidants like black coffee and green tea can significantly boost your metabolism rate and contribute to the loss of weight.

Reduction in the amount of refined carbohydrates and sugar can be immensely helpful and natural fibers are great replacement for them. Don’t indulge in munching on deep-fried food while you are starving, resort to foods like carrots, boiled veggies and yogurt.

Move! One must positively engage in some exercises to shed those extra pounds. These beneficial and evidence-based tips would surely make you more fit and slim.

How to lose weight with a busy schedule?

Can you lose weight when you have a tight schedule?

No matter whatever walk of life you belong to and whatever your profession is, weight gain seems to be a common problem among all and thus there are apparently a number of solutions to it. But each body is different and more importantly, not every person has the same circumstances to follow the weight loss sessions.

Now, if you are leading a tremendously hectic life and you hardly have enough time for yourself, chances are that most of the easy weigh loss solutions will not work for you.

Do not lose heart since nothing is impossible. Even if you are working in some big company with double shifts, it will not pose a hindrance to your aim of losing weight.

Simple rules for weight loss

  • Start by deciding how much weight you want to lose immediately. This will give you a focus and motivation.
  • Try to mix more with people, especially at work, who share your motivation and whose diet plans are similar to yours.
  • Plan  and keep a note of your daily workout sessions and your calorie intake
  • Enroll for some yoga, gym or dance class with a friend who shares your enthusiasm for weight loss.
  • Set an alarm on your phone or computer to remind you to have food at intervals and to go for short exercises.
  • Buy organic food products and try to avoid those small office parties. If you have to attend then avoid the food as much as possible.

How to lose weight without changing your diet?

weight-loss-no-diet-slim4funWeight issue is today a global problem and very few people can proudly boast that they are not troubled by it. And since losing weight and staying fit are almost synonymous to each other, it is thus one of the most vital aspects that are related to your health.

One of the biggest issues for many of us is how to go slim without bringing much change to the existing diet since it becomes a tad difficult to invest any time and energy into bringing about a drastic change in diet after all the hectic schedule at work.

However, there are hardly any problems in the universe that come without a solution and this too is no different. If you are unable to change your diet right at this point and prefer a different method to lose weight then so be it.

We have here made a list of methods that can help you to lose weight without changing your current diet at all. Read on:

  • Stick to your daily dose of power food but do make sure that you reduce the quantity of food that you intake
  • Do not finish off your whole meal all at once and keep eating in intervals of two to three hours
  • Drink plenty of water before meals as this will automatically curb your appetite and will make you eat less without you feeling empty
  • Go for regular exercises as you need to burn the calories that you intake all through the day

Losing weight the right way

Losing Weight the Right Way
Losing Weight the Right Way

Whatever you do in life, however much you achieve professional or academic success in your career, at the end it all boils down to one particular issue which is how well you lead your life, how well you take care of yourself and ultimately how you feel about yourself.

Thus in order to lead a healthy life and keep on continuing to achieve success, it is very important to be actually mentally and physically fit, or chances are that you may fall behind. One big aspect of keeping fit is staying slim and trim which will not only keep you active but also disease free.

Consequently losing weight is rather vital to your well being and also your overall success. But random weight loss with crash diets can cause you more harm than good and so therefore it is quite essential that you not only just lose weight but also lose it the right way. Here are some useful tips for you:

  • Do not skip meals or over stress yourself with the thought of losing weight
  • Always follow a healthy diet. Not eating or eating less is not a permanent solution
  • Do at least half hour exercise but never overdo it
  • Do not blindly follow others. Know what is good for your own body
  • Give your body the required time. Do not over burden yourself with excessive dieting and exercise
  • Do not be too harsh on yourself and allow yourself some occasional cheat days