How to lose weight in ten days?

lose-weight-really-fast-slim4funAll of us, at some point of time in our lives have wondered what could be the best possible method of losing weight super fast. It is like a dream for us all to shed all those extra nagging pounds that refuse to go away even after several diet regimes and workouts.

It becomes all the more harassing when you have to lose weight really fast for that wedding party or the big occasion that you are eyeing.

Now, it is quite natural that all these would come to haunt you just about ten to fifteen days before the D-day celebration and naturally you are left with no choice but to follow some basic crash course that in turn might adversely affect you. But wait, we have a solution for you right here right now.

It is now not at all a big deal to lose weight really quick, especially if you have a big party just round the corner and are waiting eagerly to flaunt that gorgeous dress. Here are 5 easy steps that you can follow to lose weight in just 10 days:

  • Go full on fibre and reduce or stop carbohydrate intake
  • Go green with fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Include a one hour strict and rigorous workout schedule in your daily routine and stick to it religiously
  • Take the stairs instead of the lift at your work and take walks for those short rides
  • Say complete no to fatty and junk foods with calories

The Shangri-La Diet: Losing weight the oriental way!

After Seth Roberts, a psychologist released his book The Shangri-La Diet in 2006, it received a lot of critical acclaim for revolutionizing the way we thought of nutrition before the turn of the decade.

Though other diets might require you to spend heaps of money, this one functions on a minimalist plane, eventually leading to suppression of your appetite and consequent weight loss.

How does the Shangri-La diet plan work?

The Shangri-La Diet is entirely off track from your standardized weight loss plans. At the outset it might seem to be strange to say the least, being based on Seth Roberts’ perception of a ‘set point’.

The ‘set point’ is an abstract weight, which a person strives to hold onto being propelled towards it by their brain. If your current weight is lower than your set point, your appetite tends to increase while it decreases when your weight is several notches above the set point.

Fast foods can raise the set point while bland food can lower it.

What do you have to do? Just consume between a 100 and 400 calories worth of food every day, keeping in mind that you should only intake flavorless food like fructose water and edible oil like olive oil.

The flavorless food should not be within one hour of eating or having finished your meal. Seems a bit bizarre? Don’t fret as you are in the safe hands of Seth Roberts who had come up with this paradigm defining way of weight loss based on the research of Pavlovian psychology.