Cut down extra inches with these dieting tips

Every morning when you stand on the weighing machine, the number that gets displayed makes you sigh. Losing weight is definitely not an easy task, but you need to keep a lot of things in mind when you have taken the resolution of cutting down the extra inches.

You might wake up early in the morning to run on the treadmill or do some rigorous physical exercises followed by jogging, but end up consuming the wrong kind of food that nullifies all your labor.

It is time you should have a proper diet to which you must strictly stick to. Read on to find out a few dieting tips, tricks and ideas that help reduce the number on the weighing machine:


This is the first step towards losing weight. Salts have the tendency of retaining water thereby contributing to the increasing weight. Switch to alternatives for salts like pepper and rule out the surplus salt in your diet in order to keep away the unnecessary fat.


You are in no way going to be benefitted by skipping the most important meal of the day. Have breakfast within an hour of waking up for kick starting a healthy day.


You might be a lazy soul who is too busy to cook and lives on processed food. It is time you change this lifestyle of yours because processed food is your enemy when you are on your quest of losing weight.


No matter how painful it sounds, you have to give up on alcohol. The alcoholic fat that gets deposited is too difficult to lose and it takes you miles away from the dream of having a flat belly.


They might have been your soulmates on nights before tests and meetings, but it is time when you should part with this friend.


Remember one mantra for losing weight. “The breakfast be giant size, the lunch be king size and the dinner be pauper size”. This clearly indicates that the dinner should be the lightest meal of the day.

Try eating a few hours before going to bed in order to give your body sufficient time to undergo digestion.


Fibers in your diet help greatly in digestion. They also prevent constipation. Include the organic fiber cereals in your breakfast and feel healthy right from the morning!


Include more and more greenery on your plate with collards, spinach, chards and kale. In spite of being low in carbohydrates and calories, they greatly increase the meal volume.


Even the name must surprise you because meat has been victimized for weight gain without proper evidence!

The truth is meat is rich in protein and they help in curbing your cravings over the day and late at night and they even help in weight loss – just eat the right amount.


You have been very following all the diet charts strictly and for that you definitely need to treat yourself. You can do it once a week and indulge in all your favorite food to speed up the metabolism.

The Cookie Diet – is there such a thing?

In the world of weight loss, diets are usually at the top of everything. There are hundreds of diets out there that you can try, and the latest that has been gaining popularity is the cookie diet.

There are numerous variations of this diet, but the concept remains the same; replacing a good deal of your diet with cookies. This means that breakfast, lunches and even regular snacks all get replaced with cookies instead.

What is the secret of the Cookie Diet?

Now, while this may sound like a recipe for disaster, especially for individuals with a sweet tooth, the difference between these particular kinds of cookies is the ingredients.

Regular cookies are often filled with too much calories from the refined flour and sugar, but the particular cookies that are consumed within a cookie diet are special.

The reason why these cookies are said to promote the loss of weight is because of their ingredients. These diet cookies are baked with a view to cut down the calories. They are rich in fiber from ingredients such as oats and whole wheat. They are also rich in proteins that can come from a wide variety of nuts.

This combination of ingredients within the cookies makes them very satisfying, meaning that you will feel full after eating just a few cookies. This feeling of satiety is perfect because it prevents overeating or excessive eating, which is often a struggle for many people looking to lose weight.

The cookies themselves can be purchased from the respective cookie diet websites, or for individuals who prefer to make the cookies themselves, and there are cookie recipes available online.

Best Foods to Lose Weight

When you begin a weight loss program, you might observe immediate results. However, you won’t enjoy these results for long. By changing your diet and reducing the consumption of salty, starchy and sweet food, you lose weight quickly because of the sudden reduction of fluid retention, and not because your fat is burned.

In order to enjoy long term results, you should plan your diet thorough. Include in your regimen fruits, vegetables, fish, soy-related products, chicken breast, non-fat dairy, and eggs. Avoid consuming sugary foods, starches, and animal fats.

Replace your unhealthy food from the kitchen with the healthy one, hence, you won’t be tempted to taste something sweet or salty. Also, you need some snacks during the day, and vegetables are perfect for this matter. Because they are rich in fiber, vegetables will keep your stomach full for a longer while.

Start the day with a fiber-rich breakfast and you’ll be more energetic. Also, don’t skip breakfast, your body needs to restore after a long night sleep. It needs energy to function properly. Moreover, if one eats in the morning, his metabolism is speeding up, which launches the fat burning process.

Please, don’t pay attention to medicine, equipment or diets traded on the market, which promise you great results in no time. Each body is individual and you need an individual diet based on your health and needs.

Combine a well-balanced diet with regular exercise and you will observe results quick enough. You cannot achieve perfection if excluding one of these two components, but anyway, the diet is crucial in losing weight.

Beneficial Foods for Weight Loss

Each food has its amount of calories. Therefore, different foods have different purposes in our body, and, also, these foods may influence the hormones, the hunger and the fat burning process.

Read the article and find out the best beneficial foods that provide weight loss, according to science.

Cruciferous vegetables

Cruciferous veggies, such as broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage and brussels sprouts, are high in fiber and keep you full for longer. Also, they have a significant amount of protein. Exactly what a person needs in order to lose weight.

Lean Beef and Chicken Breast

People tend to believe that meat adds weight, which is not true. However, processed meat indeed is unhealthy, but unprocessed red meat does not favour the emergence of heart diseases or diabetes. Meat is rich in protein, and it is highly recommended for consumption to lose weight.

Boiled Potatoes

Although it is believed that white potatoes don’t have much effect on weight loss, they contain several properties that make them perfect for this matter and health. They are rich in nutrients and include a little bit of all we need.

Boiled potatoes could aid weight loss (if you don’t over eat)

Beans and Legumes

Some beans and legumes are indicated for consumption in order to lose weight, such as lentils, black beans, kidney beans and other. These products are rich in fiber and protein and are perfect for our health.

Protein and fiber are what our body needs for a proper functioning. Also, these products keep you full for longer. However, some people can’t tolerate legumes. This is why they need a proper preparation.

How Barley can help you lose weight

barley-weight-loss-slim4funWhen you are trying to shed a couple of extra pounds, sometimes the finding alternatives for high calorie food items may be the best decision you could make.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and one food item that you could start incorporating to improve your weight loss efforts is barley. Instead of your usual high glycemic index cereal, try some barley instead for your oatmeal.

How does Barley aid in weight loss?

As mentioned before, barley has a low glycemic index. This makes it an excellent substitute for cereal because it keeps you sastisfied for a longer period of time. When you eat it, it undergoes digestion much slower, and the resulting rate of increase in blood sugar from the meal is much slower.

The result of this is that when you are satisfied for longer, you tend to avoid snacking unnecessarily on bits of food throughout your day. This prevents the accumulation of unnecessary weight that would hamper any of the weight loss efforts you may have in the process.

In addition to this, barley has some excellent benefits to your health as well. It is high in fiber which is good for the digestive system. It is also very rich in antioxidants which also promote overall body health.

The vitamins and minerals also go a long way in helping you to keep the extra weight off. Try some barley with your breakfast and watch the amazing results.