The berry diet: very tasty and beneficial

Berry-diet-weight-loss-slim4funBerries are one of the tastiest types of foods that you can have in your diet that can help you to get rid of fat and get your dream body. Berries are packed with antioxidants; they can help you to be healthy and ensure that you lose weight and look great.

Berry diets are one of the latest diets in town and these are the reason why they are so popular.


Berries are a great source of antioxidants and lead to premature aging as well as diseases. Antioxidants can lead to weight loss and can help you to look amazing by minimizing your triglyceride levels and along with exercise, can help you to lose weight effectively.

Blood sugar

Though strawberries are not practically a berry, they are extremely effective in reducing the blood sugar levels and prevent simple sugars from being released into the blood stream and can help to control weight since insulin can cause excess sugar to be supplied to the fat cells.

Metabolism boosters

Including raspberries in your diet can increase the levels of ketones in your body, which can help to decrease fat distribution in the body, and help you achieve a slimmer body and lose weight. Blueberries can have a similar effect on the body as shown from an experiment on mice.


Berries are rich in fibre, which can help to control weight. According to research, for every gram of fibre, you lose 7 calories. Raspberries are one of the best types of berries due to it being rich in fibre and thus, can help you lose weight easily.

How to lose weight in ten days?

lose-weight-really-fast-slim4funAll of us, at some point of time in our lives have wondered what could be the best possible method of losing weight super fast. It is like a dream for us all to shed all those extra nagging pounds that refuse to go away even after several diet regimes and workouts.

It becomes all the more harassing when you have to lose weight really fast for that wedding party or the big occasion that you are eyeing.

Now, it is quite natural that all these would come to haunt you just about ten to fifteen days before the D-day celebration and naturally you are left with no choice but to follow some basic crash course that in turn might adversely affect you. But wait, we have a solution for you right here right now.

It is now not at all a big deal to lose weight really quick, especially if you have a big party just round the corner and are waiting eagerly to flaunt that gorgeous dress. Here are 5 easy steps that you can follow to lose weight in just 10 days:

  • Go full on fibre and reduce or stop carbohydrate intake
  • Go green with fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Include a one hour strict and rigorous workout schedule in your daily routine and stick to it religiously
  • Take the stairs instead of the lift at your work and take walks for those short rides
  • Say complete no to fatty and junk foods with calories