Is Forkoline a Viable Fat – Burning Solution?

In a fitness industry that is full of all kinds of supplements that claim to be the answer to your weight loss prayers, Forskoline is quickly gaining popularity as the latest fat burning solution that gives remarkable results.

It is extracted from the roots of the Coleus forskohlii, a plant from the mint family which is indigenous to countries in subtropical regions such as Uganda, Thailand and India.

It has traditionally been in use for many years in these regions as an herb with many medicinal properties such as an anti-inflammatory, and its ability to support lung and heart function.  In truth it has always been popular because it contains a variety of active compounds that are beneficial to the human body, but today it has become popular for its fat burning qualities, as well as its ability to support normal testosterone levels in men who take it.

Forskolin works by activating the adenylate cyclase, which is responsible for a chain of events that leads to the breakdown of the fat stored in the body. This makes it a very effective solution for people that want to lose weight.

For men, it also works as an excellent testosterone booster, with many men reporting higher levels of testosterone after including it in their weight loss programs.

It recently received an endorsement from a celebrity doctor who mentioned it in his TV show as a fat burning extract that delivers quality results, if taken in the correct dosage.

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