The citric fruit diet – latest trend in weight loss

One of the latest trends in the world of diets is the citrus diet. Unlike most of the diets on the internet, this is actually safe for you to use and though it does need perseverance, it can give incredible results.

Incorporating citrus fruits in your daily diet can help you to lose weight fast as they are full of enzymes that can help you to promote digestion and additionally, are rich in Vitamin C and can speed up metabolism as well as help to flush out all toxins from your body.

citrus fruit diet for weight loss - slim4fun.comA typical citrus diet requires the intake of freshly squeezed citrus juices like the juice of an orange or a grapefruit, whole citrus fruits and herbal teas without sugar on a daily basis. This diet should not be practiced by anyone who suffers from any type of stomach problems or hypoglycaemia.

The acids contained in citric fruits can help to break down the fat in your body and the results can help to keep you motivated. This is used as a quick detox diet and can help in showing quick results.

However, what you need to remember is that this diet is quite low in calorific content and can lead to a number of problems like headache, nausea and dizziness. The diet also leads to rapid weight loss, which is a sure way to acquire loose skin as well as the risk of regaining the weight lost.

If you are planning to go on any diet, it is always advisable to talk to a dietician or a nutritionist to be on the safe side and follow their recommendations.

Fruit Diet: What You Need to Know

fruit-diet-need-know-slim4funFruits are one of the lowest calorific content foods that you can consume, making it a no-brainer that fruits should be a staple of any diet that you want to pursue. The general guideline is 1.5-2 cups of fruit for adults per day.

If you are looking to lose weight with fruit, the choice of fruit does matter. You need to opt for lower-calorie content fruits. Fruits that are low in sugar content and more fibrous can help you to feel full for longer. Whole fruits are better than juices as juices do not fill you up and thus, is not nearly as effective for weight loss.

While fibre in fruit is great for maintaining fullness, fruit does not have enough protein. You need to add proteins like omelettes or protein powder. You can also consume white meat or pulses to increase your protein content as this will help to control your appetite and hunger.

If you use a lot of processed fruit, swap them out for fresh ones. Preserved fruits do not have the benefits of helping you lose weight as they are loaded with sugar.

Fresh fruit blends do not have the lasting power, but taste way better. Fruits can be a good snack option as they are really delicious and are full of nutrients and can help to keep you from packing extra empty calories in your diet. Fruits can be used in salads or eaten raw.

Opt for a wide variety of fruits to get all the benefits and lose weight at the same time!

Eating during a weight loss program?

what-eat-during-weight-loss-program-slim4funAsk anyone with even the slightest weight issues and he or she would tell you that although there are like a ten thousand of weight loss programs out there.

Some of these programs you can follow at home, some you go with professional help, but all are no less confusing than the other and at the end of the day all you end up with is spending quite a few bucks and some diet charts and plans that do not suit your choices or even your life style.

This is mostly because although you may have put in a lot of money and some effort into it, your heart is not in it at all since only you would know what the right thing for your body is.

Thus before you go for some other help, work out a plan for yourself with some necessary tips and then go about it. You will see the results in no time.

All you need to know is what exactly to eat that will aid your weight loss process and how to eat those so that you incur the maximum benefit. The rest will automatically fall into place. Let’s take a look:

  • Stick to your usual regular diet, do go for more and more fruit and vegetable juices like pomegranate, citrus, berries etc before your meals as that will reduce your appetite.
  • Eat at regular interval of every two to three hours as this will stop you from eating all at once
  • Try to maintain a disciplined life as this will help your cause

Simple home tricks to lose your weight

A very popular dictum and concern today is, “Oh God, when did I get so fat?” or “How am I going to fit in that awesome dress of mine I bought just a year back?”

Well, it has become almost a universal trouble these days and people are spending sleepless nights pondering how to knock off those pounds so that they can look picture perfect.

However, one thing that must be mentioned in this connection is that losing weight is not everything.

Although a slim body means less diseases than an obese one, being fat does not necessarily mean that you are unfit or being thin that you are fit. Still, it is important to maintain an average body weight as it helps with various issues.

Now, losing weight might sound a huge task to many but it really is not that big a deal. Apart from the usual means, there are also some natural home tricks that you might follow if you want to aid your process of weight loss without any kind of side effects. Let us read on to know more:

  • Stop eating junk foods and carbonated drinks
  • Include more and more fruits and vegetables to your normal everyday diet and reduce the quantity of carbohydrates
  • Although you might stick to your normal diet it is better if you reduce the quantity of food that you intake and instead go for short meals at regular intervals like fruits, vegetables, corn flakes etc.
  • Be yourself and go out and lead an active life