Lose Weight and Get Into Shape Using Egg White

It has been proven that egg whites are of great help for a person that wants to lose weight and get into shape. Egg whites contain few calories and are a great product to be consumed during the weight loss diet program.

According to tests, an egg contains 72 calories, while an egg white contains 34 calories. Thus, it is clever to replace eggs with egg whites given that you need to lose weight. If you are going to consume egg whites, you will reduce your calorie intake and might lose 1 pound per week. Egg whites are basically pure protein that a person needs in order to lose weight.

Egg whites are saturated fat-free and besides helping you lose weight, your heart is going to benefit of them. They don’t contain cholesterol and fat which the egg yolk contains.

You can replace the whites with other products rich in protein. You can cook the egg whites and consume them with salads and sandwiches. Moreover, egg whites don’t need a lot of energy to be processed. After being consumed, they do their job inside your body, hence feeding the muscles and cells.

Egg whites keep you full for a longer period of time and reduce your craving during the day. Also, you consume fewer calories, which is good for weight loss. Glucagon, a hormone secreted in your body while eating egg whites, is dealing with fat burning, hence, helping you achieve your weight loss goals.