Weight Loss Exercises that you are Probably Doing Wrong

Your body is actually made to engineer in very precise ways. As a result of this, a good workout can go a very long way. But what if you are hitting the gym regularly, but you still can’t see either the results appear or the extra sheds disappear?

Well, if that is what is actually happening with you, then chances are that all of the weight loss exercises that you have been doing so diligently are wrongly done, and your posture is to be blamed.

Today, we take a look at some of the exercises that you are probably doing wrong.

Side Plank:

Side planks are an excellent way to improve your core strength as well as help your thighs and your tummy shed those few extra pounds. But where most people go wrong is that they let their hips sink towards the floor, which causes a break in the midsection line.

Always remember to hold your entire body in a straight line as you lifts your arm completely perpendicular to your body. You must always engage your core muscles when it comes to a side plank.

Ground Lunges:

The major mistake that most people make when doing lunges, is that they take small steps, that is, the distance between their legs is too small. This creates unnecessary pressure on their knees and can even cause sprains.

In order to avoid this, make sure that the distance between one knee and the other toe is at least 2 feet, and that your thigh is parallel to the floor.

Straight Planks:

Like side plank, the main issue with straight plank is the posture, or to be more specific, holding your body in a straight line. Most people have the tendency where they pop their buttock upwards, making an inverted V shape.

This creates immense pressure on your spine as well as your legs. Instead, make sure that your entire body is in a straight line. This will make sure that you are holding your core.

Long Crunches:

One of the bets exercises that help reduce the fat along the abdomen, is the crunch. But the problem is that most people put too much pressure on their spine and attempt to touch their heads to their knees.

This can cause severe back problems. Instead, make sure that the arch created by you during each crunch is small, so that you only raise half of your upper body, engaging your abs.

Push Ups:

Most people make the mistake of placing their palms way apart than their shoulders, which creates pressure on their shoulders and back. To avoid this mistake, make sure that both of your palms are placed exactly below your shoulders at an equal distance, in order to gain the maximum output from your workout.

A good posture not only determines how much benefits you reap from your workout, but it also affects your health. Leave us a comment below and let us know what you think!

6 effective weight loss tips

6 weight loss tips
Photo: smokefree.gov

Weight loss remains a constant battle for a lot of people throughout their lives.

However if you want to shed a few kilos effectively and look your best for that special upcoming event, then look no further and take a look at these tips for effective and fast weight loss:

G.M diet plan: 

This diet plan devised by General Motors in collaboration with the ‘Food and Drug Administration’ and the ‘U.S Department of Agriculture’, focuses on a thorough cleansing of the system not only resulting in weight loss but also ridding the body effectively of toxins.

Cardio for 30 minutes:

Doing intense cardio workout everyday for thirty to forty five minutes helps in using your own body weight to strengthen and tone your muscles giving it a leaner look.

Squats and lunges: 

Deep squats and alternate lunges coupled with bicycle crunches and old fashioned sit ups do result in toning up the body faster and losing weight especially targeting problematic flab prone zones in the body like thighs, abdomen and even arms and shoulders.


Water rids the body of the unnecessary toxins and being devoid of any calories, helps to boost your metabolism. An average three litres of water should be consumed to balance your weight loss. Among other liquids, green tea can be consumed.

Proper sleep:

While this might sound redundant, improper sleep cycles and inadequate rest actually result in feeling bloated and weighty.

Eliminate the following:

Salt, sugar, processed foods, red meat, deep fried delicacies and alcohol should be immediately eliminated to trigger an immediate rise in metabolism and effectively losing weight.