Yerba Mate – the “new” magic weight loss herb

Yerba Mate - the "new" magic weight loss herb -
Yerba Mate plantation in Argentina. Photo:

One of the latest top picks for supplements in the recent times is Yerba Mate. Yerba Mate is generally used as an infusion and is brewed from the leaf of the Yerba Mate shrubs endemic to South American countries like Argentina, Peru, Chile, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay.

Mateine, active substance in Yerba Mate

Yerba mate tea is a stimulant and has an active ingredient called Mateine, a substance analogous to caffeine, however without the side effects of the same.

Mateine is the active ingredient that can help to increase their metabolism and can help to increase energy and consequently can help you to burn fat. Mateine can also help to relax your body, calm down the emotions and can help you to prevent stress eating. Yerba Mate, therefore can help to stop your cravings and thus, can aid in weight loss by helping you to feel full for longer.

Yerba Mate is best consumed when consumed together with Guarana and the Damiana plant extracts. This mix can help you to lose weight more effectively.

Another property of yerba mate that is perfect for those who work out and hit the gym on a regular basis since it can help to delay the start of the lactic acid formation in your muscles, which can cause a condition called the “burn” which can ultimately help you to push your body more and exercises for much longer, allowing you to lose more weight.

Yerba mate can also help to lower cholesterol and blood sugar levels, soften your stool and improve digestion system and also help you sleep more soundly.

Guava could make you feel full for longer

Guava could make you feel full for longer - slim4fun.comIf you are looking for one of the best and the tastiest ways to lose weight, Guava is one of the best fruit that you can opt for.

Guavas are a tasty treat that is perfect on its own and can be used in salads for a full meal with apples and cucumbers, which are both fruits that can help you to lose weight and get that perfect body that you have been craving.

Guava fruit, Guava Tea

Guava is a tropical fruit with seeds that can be consumed and has a number of different types of varieties. Guavas have a very sweet smell and can be eaten raw, with salt and pepper, with a mixture of spices and can also be a base of sauces as a substitute of tomatoes. Teas can also be made from the leaves and the fruit and is considered to be medicinal in nature.

Protein, fibre, vitamin rich fruit

Guavas can be a magical option for you if you are looking to lose weight without compromising on your protein, fibre and vitamin intake. Guavas are very rich in fibre and roughage and are packed with proteins, vitamins and minerals; however, it has no cholesterol content and a very low content of digestible carbohydrates.

Guava promotes metabolism

Guavas are quite filling and can help to satiate your hunger and keep you feeling full for much longer. Guavas have way less sugar content as compared to other fruits and can be a perfect snack for curbing your hunger and keep you satiated for longer. If you are looking to promote your metabolism, this is a safe and easy option that can be of great help.

The berry diet: very tasty and beneficial

Berry-diet-weight-loss-slim4funBerries are one of the tastiest types of foods that you can have in your diet that can help you to get rid of fat and get your dream body. Berries are packed with antioxidants; they can help you to be healthy and ensure that you lose weight and look great.

Berry diets are one of the latest diets in town and these are the reason why they are so popular.


Berries are a great source of antioxidants and lead to premature aging as well as diseases. Antioxidants can lead to weight loss and can help you to look amazing by minimizing your triglyceride levels and along with exercise, can help you to lose weight effectively.

Blood sugar

Though strawberries are not practically a berry, they are extremely effective in reducing the blood sugar levels and prevent simple sugars from being released into the blood stream and can help to control weight since insulin can cause excess sugar to be supplied to the fat cells.

Metabolism boosters

Including raspberries in your diet can increase the levels of ketones in your body, which can help to decrease fat distribution in the body, and help you achieve a slimmer body and lose weight. Blueberries can have a similar effect on the body as shown from an experiment on mice.


Berries are rich in fibre, which can help to control weight. According to research, for every gram of fibre, you lose 7 calories. Raspberries are one of the best types of berries due to it being rich in fibre and thus, can help you lose weight easily.

Exercise Session for Women – How to Quickly Get Rid of Excessive Fat

An exercise session for women is usually different for that of men. This is because, in comparison with men, it is more troublesome for women to lose weight, as their metabolism is slower. So, the training which women should choose has to influence a lot on their metabolic rate.

Of course, before determining what exercises are most suitable, should be taken into consideration other characteristics which affect the woman’s metabolic rate, such as body fat, genetics, weight, age, life style, body muscle and the kind of food she takes in, as a rule.

Exercises are more beneficial if, along with them, a woman will work on the parameters described upper which can be influenced: body fat, muscle mass and weight. A proper regimen, together with gym workouts will be very efficient, helping a woman not only to lose weight, but also to tone her muscles and be healthy.

Exercise Session for Women - Aerobic
Exercise Session for Women – Aerobic Training

One of the most important exercise sessions for women is aerobic training. This type of exercises will help you quicker burn fats. Also, a woman may opt for weight lifting, as it strengthens the muscles which deal with metabolism. In this way, the metabolism rate becomes faster.

Interval training is also an efficient method to speed metabolism and burn the excessive fat. It is recommended an interval of 30-60 seconds of workout, with an intensity of 90 percent, to boost the metabolism.

Changing the regimen will also affect the metabolism, so if you are not good in establishing a diet menu suitable for you, consult a dietician.

Drawbacks of Crash Dieting

Crash Diet DrawbacksWhen it comes to weight loss, there are tons of “miracle crash diets” that we see around us, which promise very quick and visible results. However, most dietary experts and doctors will advise you to not follow such crash diets because they do your body more harm than good.

Let us take a look at some of the harmful drawbacks and health risks that such crash dieting presents:

  • Not enough energy: The primary principle of crash dieting is to cut down on your daily calories consumption. It so happens that you are devoid of the minimum required amount of calories during the day, and thus feel tired and lazy.
  • Not enough vitamins and minerals: The selective eating of crash dieting denies your body the basic vitamins and nutrients that it requires in order to function at an optimum level on a daily basis.
  • Not for everyone: Crash dieting can be seriously dangerous to people who are suffering from any long term physical disorders, like diabetes or are insulin dependent. Crash dieting can fluctuate your blood glucose level, thereby affecting your blood sugar levels
  • Metabolism problem: If you often follow such crash diets, it may initially lead to rapid weight loss. However, in the long run, such rapid weight loss can slow down the rate of metabolism in your body, leading to weight problems.
  • Mental problems: When you deny your body its natural food routine, it goes into withdrawal, which results in irritation, headaches, food cravings and inability to focus.