The Dukan Diet

Developed by Dr. Pierre Dukan, this diet is mostly protein based, with the theory that so long as your diet is high in protein, the fat will most definitely be shed.

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The Dukan Diet has four stages:

  • The Attack Phase

During this phase, you are allowed to have all you can eat from a predetermined set of protein rich foods. Some of the foods that you are encouraged to eat include lean beef, chicken, low-fat ham, fish and oats among many others. This phase is said to be the phase where people experience the biggest loss in weight.

  • The Cruise Phase

During this phase of the Dukan Diet, you are encouraged to gradually reintroduce certain specified non-starchy vegetables into your diet, still on an all you can eat basis. These include mushrooms, cucumbers, salad greens and peppers. The rate of weight loss during this phase is slower with about a pound lost per week.

  • The Consolidation Phase

The purpose of this phase is to get your body used to this new diet and to keep the weight off permanently. The food is still all you can eat, but now you get to mix them as you like. Certain starchy foods are also allowed but in very little amounts.

  • The Stabilization Phase

This final phase is the same as the previous, with the exception that you must have one day in a week when you consume protein only.

The book written by the doctor himself outlines various diet recipes to make the Dukan Diet much easier to adapt to. This diet aims to not only shed fat, but keep it off entirely.

4 phases of the Dukan Diet -
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Which of these Diet Mistakes are You Making?

In case you have been working your butt off, and still not seeing any results, then chances are that you have been making at least of these mistakes while on a diet.common-diet-mistakes-slim4fun

Often at times there lies a huge gap between what we should know and what we think we actually know, and that difference shows on the weighing scale.

Common diet mistakes

  • Irregular sleeping patterns: Your body needs to needs just as much as it needs to work out in order to lose all of the weight. Sleeping for less than five hours can slow down your metabolism and prevent you from losing weight.
  • Consuming too much protein: Too much of protein in our daily diets are not processed by the body, and instead are stored as fat underneath the skin, leading o obesity.
  • Too much exercising: Too much of exercising can lead to harmful muscle injury and buildup of lactic acid in the muscles which can cause cramps and sprains.
  • Skipping breakfast: When you skip breakfast, which is the first meal of the day, your body starts to feel devoid of any calories. As a result, you tend to eat more food, most often junk food, to compensate for it.
  • Huge gap between meals: If there is a huge gap between last night’s dinner and next day’s breakfast, you start to feel hungry, and consume more. Therefore, eat small meals and eat them frequently.

The Raw Vegan Diet – Go Bold, Go Raw!

Combining the principles of veganism (or the abstinence from the consumption of animal products) with those of raw foodism (or the habit of eating food that is unprocessed and uncooked), the Raw vegan diet will blow your socks off with its contemporary means of weight loss.

In the age of industrialization, if you are inspired by the ideology of the preservation of the animal habitats and wish to bring global warming to an end, the Raw vegan diet might be just the one for you!

Channel your raw energy with the Raw vegan diet!

Besides the aforementioned requirement of consuming raw produce with the exclusion of the food of animal origin, you must take care that your food should not be heated at a temperature more than 48°C or 118°F.

raw-vegan-weight-loss-diet-slim4funOther than that, the diet is quite flexible in the choice of consumable foods that includes raw fruits, vegetables, legume and grain sprouts, various nuts and their pastes, plant oils, herbs, sea vegetables, fresh juices, mushrooms and even seeds.

The essential belief that you have to inculcate in your diet is the urge to balance out the micronutrients and the conviction that the heat during cooking might lead to chemical reactions that are harmful for the body.

The devotees of the Raw vegan diet are encouraged to try forest gardening as a means of working out the natural way. Those who prefer a low fat approach to the diet often set up particularized balance of nutrients like protein, fat and carbohydrates in the ratio of 80:10:10 in calories.

If you manage to keep your B12 and vitamin D levels in check in spite of the Raw vegan diet, you can experience the benefits of enzymes, proteins and acids in intact form.

High protein diet – Stock up on the proteins and build your body mass

If building up your muscles and cutting down the fat content from your body are primary aims when you approach a diet, you might want to consider the High Protein Diet. The first choice of nutritionists and body builders to aid in the development of the skeletal muscle, the High Protein diet comes as a breath of fresh air in the domain of low calorie and carb diets.

How to go about the High Protein diet?

The High Protein diet strikes at the root of the presumption that you have to go hungry to lose weight.

You are advised to increase your protein intake gradually every week till the point that you would be consuming more than 200 grams of protein per day in combination with the intake of calorie sources like carbohydrates and fats.

Bored with steak and chicken protein already? Spice it up with soy and whey protein, boiled soya beans, salmon, peanuts, beans, tuna, eggs and low fat and dairy products. You can choose to supplement it with “smart carbs” like fruits, whole grains, olives, vegetables avocados and seeds.

However, the High Protein diet is not without its loopholes. A diet rich in protein can lead to ‘rabbit starvation’ that eventually leads to death.

Chronic diseases like kidney failure and discomfort are common occurrence in people who tend to overdo it.

In spite of all opposition, the High Protein diet has in fact been able to redeem the damage caused by anaerobic exercises by the provision of amino acids. With this one, you need not take any protein supplements and emerge as a body building hunk in your own right!

Lose Weight and Get Into Shape Using Egg White

It has been proven that egg whites are of great help for a person that wants to lose weight and get into shape. Egg whites contain few calories and are a great product to be consumed during the weight loss diet program.

According to tests, an egg contains 72 calories, while an egg white contains 34 calories. Thus, it is clever to replace eggs with egg whites given that you need to lose weight. If you are going to consume egg whites, you will reduce your calorie intake and might lose 1 pound per week. Egg whites are basically pure protein that a person needs in order to lose weight.

Egg whites are saturated fat-free and besides helping you lose weight, your heart is going to benefit of them. They don’t contain cholesterol and fat which the egg yolk contains.

You can replace the whites with other products rich in protein. You can cook the egg whites and consume them with salads and sandwiches. Moreover, egg whites don’t need a lot of energy to be processed. After being consumed, they do their job inside your body, hence feeding the muscles and cells.

Egg whites keep you full for a longer period of time and reduce your craving during the day. Also, you consume fewer calories, which is good for weight loss. Glucagon, a hormone secreted in your body while eating egg whites, is dealing with fat burning, hence, helping you achieve your weight loss goals.