The Skinny Bitch Diet

skinny-bitch-diet-slim4funHaving a great body and good health is on everyone’s wish list to Santa this year. But in order to make him take notice, modeling industry vets like Rory Freedman and Kim Barnouin have co-authored the idea of The Skinny Bitch Diet which promises to change your “way of life” with a bit of tough love.

Go organic, the Skinny Bitch way!

The Skinny Bitch Diet demands a major lifestyle change from you. If you are not prepared to invest yourself entirely into it, walk out during the initial days.

Eliminate all sorts of dairy products, eggs, seafood and meat from your food intake. Neither will you be allowed to drink caffeinated or intoxicating drinks like tea and alcohol.

However, you might reward yourself with a moderate sized glass of sulfite free red wine or an expressso. Since this diet is targeted at helping you achieve that perfect waistline, with the welfare of animals in mind, you can expect to live on an entirely fruit and vegetable based diet plan.

Though you don’t have to count your calories, you will be required to snack on organic produce like nuts, whole grains, seeds and legumes. If you are not a vegetarian, it can be quite challenging to get rid of your carnivorous instincts and yet manage to score twenty minutes of exercise everyday that the diet prescribes.

If you approach The Skinny Bitch Diet with dedication, eating only when you are ravenously hungry, you might be able to bid goodbye to your chances of diabetes and high cholesterol later on in life.

5 Famous Weight Loss Diets that Changed People’s Lives

We present you some of the most famous weight loss diets.

The Paleo Diet

Referred to as the caveman diet, it involves basically restricting oneself to eating only the food that the Paleolithic man ate, prior to farming and animal rearing. The overall result is weight loss from cutting out calorie rich foods.paleo-diet-weight-loss-slim4fun

The 3 Hour Diet

This is a very controversial diet that encourages habitual snacking every three hours.  These 3 hour snacks are very small, to help you control your portions. By the end of the day the total amount of food consumed is less than if you would have had three meals a day, therefore less over eating.

The Best Life Diet

This is a diet that is designed to completely overhaul eating habits in order to not only help you lose weight but also improve your overall health. It consists of 3 phases that incorporate cutting out bad food, exercising and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

The Shangri-La Diet

This is a diet that seeks to disassociate flavorful foods with calories. It consists of taking a few teaspoonfuls of flavorless oil such as light olive oil or sugar water every day between meals. This encourages a feeling of satiety that prevents over eating, and therefore unnecessary weight gain.

The Skinny Bitch Diet

This is probably one of the toughest diets out there. The Skinny Bitch Diet is basically a no nonsense approach that immediately bans the consumption of a lot of things such as sugar, alcohol meat and so on, essentially making it a strict vegan diet that is deemed healthy.