Which of these Diet Mistakes are You Making?

In case you have been working your butt off, and still not seeing any results, then chances are that you have been making at least of these mistakes while on a diet.common-diet-mistakes-slim4fun

Often at times there lies a huge gap between what we should know and what we think we actually know, and that difference shows on the weighing scale.

Common diet mistakes

  • Irregular sleeping patterns: Your body needs to needs just as much as it needs to work out in order to lose all of the weight. Sleeping for less than five hours can slow down your metabolism and prevent you from losing weight.
  • Consuming too much protein: Too much of protein in our daily diets are not processed by the body, and instead are stored as fat underneath the skin, leading o obesity.
  • Too much exercising: Too much of exercising can lead to harmful muscle injury and buildup of lactic acid in the muscles which can cause cramps and sprains.
  • Skipping breakfast: When you skip breakfast, which is the first meal of the day, your body starts to feel devoid of any calories. As a result, you tend to eat more food, most often junk food, to compensate for it.
  • Huge gap between meals: If there is a huge gap between last night’s dinner and next day’s breakfast, you start to feel hungry, and consume more. Therefore, eat small meals and eat them frequently.

Unusual Causes Why You’re Gaining Weight

If the number of calories consumed daily rises or physical exercises are becoming rare, you shouldn’t be surprised when you will see a higher figure on the scale. But if you are doing the same day by day but the weight started to rise there can be other causes for that. Read the article and find out what might it be.

Lack of Sleep can Make You Fat

Consumed food late in the night is to blame; that increases the total amount of calories without you noticing. Also, staying up late does cause changes in hormone levels and, as a result, you feel hunger more often.


Our body reacts to everything around us, and if life’s demands are over the limit, our body is trying to protect itself and cortisol – or the “stress hormone” is secreted, this increases appetite.


Almost all of them have a weight gaining side effect. Consult a doctor and follow his advice in depression curing. Don’t change your medical treatment on your own.


Prednisone or other anti-inflammatory steroid based medication cause weight gain. It also retains fluid in the body and increases appetite. Its effects are noticeable in a very short time in parts such as the back of neck, the belly or the face.


Thyroid hormone, secreted by the thyroid gland is crucial to your body. Its low levels of secretion cause metabolism to slow, that leads to tiredness, cold and also weight gain. However, treating of hypothyroidism with drugs can stop the process of gaining weight.