What is Soy? Is it good for weight loss?

soy-weight-loss-slim4funSoy is a type of protein that is derived from the soy bean, which comes from the soy plant. It is a very viable protein source that is very popular especially for people who prefer not to get their protein from animal sources. Recent studies also suggest that soy may very well play an important role in helping people lose weight.

How can soy aid in weight loss?

  • It will leave you sated for longer

Consuming soy as part of your regular diet will actually leave you feeling satisfied for a long period of time. For a person trying to lose weight, this is great news because, if you are fuller for longer, you are less likely to snack excessively. This goes a long way in helping you avoid excess carbs, thereby losing weight.

  • It has a low glycemic index

Soy has what is referred to as a “low glycemic index” . It is a scientific term but what it means is that it will prevent your blood pressure from spiking from food consumption as it typically would when you consume foods rich in glucose or fructose.

This will in turn prevent the unnecessary release of insulin into the body, which is responsible of converting carbs into fat for storage, ergo no weight gained.

Soy in itself contains very little carbs, so including it in your diet will aid you weight loss efforts greatly.

A Protein Guide for Vegetarians

Tasty vegetarian protein sources

Proteins are an important component of our diet, having been described, on more than one occasion as the “building blocks of life” since once they have been digested; they break up into amino acids that promote sell repair as well as growth.

Various animal products are known to be excellent sources of proteins, but for vegetarians, these animal products are not an option.

Luckily there are numerous sources of protein that Vegetarians enjoy, such as:

  • Beans

Legumes in general are considered to be excellent sources of protein, and beans are at the forefront of this diverse family. They are rich in protein, making them an excellent go to meal after a fitness workout.

  • Soy

From soybeans to soy milk, anything with soy in it is an excellent source of protein. So the good news is that soy milk is not just for the lactose intolerant but also great for vegetarians.

  • Nuts

When it comes to nuts, you get a double benefit, because aside from being an excellent source of protein, nuts are also a source of fat. Some nuts, however, also contain calories, so it is wiser to select them raw or dry roasted.

  • Quinoa

Another excellent source of protein is grains, but specific types of grains such as quinoa, a gluten free grain that is not only rich in proteins, but also very rich in fiber as well as magnesium.

There are many more sources of protein such as artichokes, amaranth and peas and these are just to name but a few of the protein sources that vegetarians enjoy.