Clothes that complement your shape

You might have stood in front of the mirror and wondered why you do not have the physique like that of a Victoria Secret model, but then you look at the chocolate bar at the corner table and settled to the fact that your life is much better this way.

Your failed attempts at losing weight might have made you feel that trendy and fashionable clothes have shut their doors at your face or you have always been in love with your chubby cheeks and thought that being sassy and fashionable is not your cup of tea.

Well, it is time when you must erase all these thoughts from your minds and go shopping right away because being fashionable is the birth right of every person and the number on the weighing machine is…well, just a number carrying no importance when it comes to dressing up!

Read on and keep adding stuffs to your shopping bag!


Go for tiered dresses, double to triple ones. Preferably choose the ones of chiffon. These dresses give a shape to your body and they are perfectly suitable for the spring or summer owing to the fact that they are extremely airy. Go for a knee length tiered dress and let the spring game begin!


There must have been occasions when you really loved a dress but then the prominent waistline made you reject it. Empire waistline is a classic style that never goes out of style and suits perfectly for every body type.

If you want to hide your love handles and shy of the fact that you do not have a flat belly, this waistline will definitely come to your rescue. The dresses or long tops with empire waistline will draw the attention at your face and the upper part of your body while making the part of your body from below the bust look lean.

Choose the dresses that flow loosely from below the waistline and since summer is on its way, get a floral dress and turn heads!


These are extremely loose fitted pants that are taking the fashion industry by storm at present. Pair them up with a short top or a shirt. You might want to tuck them in. choose a cool and sexy top that you love and head out under the sun!


You always wanted to put on a crop top but those extra inches on your belly always screamed out whenever you even thought of trying out a crop top. It is time when you should give the cape tops or cape dresses a try.

The cape tops have high slits, the slit can be at the sides or at the front or both.

Let your belly peek out among the fabrics from the front slit. See your dream of showing your belly come true while standing in front of the mirror and admiring yourself!