6 effective weight loss tips

6 weight loss tips
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Weight loss remains a constant battle for a lot of people throughout their lives.

However if you want to shed a few kilos effectively and look your best for that special upcoming event, then look no further and take a look at these tips for effective and fast weight loss:

G.M diet plan: 

This diet plan devised by General Motors in collaboration with the ‘Food and Drug Administration’ and the ‘U.S Department of Agriculture’, focuses on a thorough cleansing of the system not only resulting in weight loss but also ridding the body effectively of toxins.

Cardio for 30 minutes:

Doing intense cardio workout everyday for thirty to forty five minutes helps in using your own body weight to strengthen and tone your muscles giving it a leaner look.

Squats and lunges: 

Deep squats and alternate lunges coupled with bicycle crunches and old fashioned sit ups do result in toning up the body faster and losing weight especially targeting problematic flab prone zones in the body like thighs, abdomen and even arms and shoulders.


Water rids the body of the unnecessary toxins and being devoid of any calories, helps to boost your metabolism. An average three litres of water should be consumed to balance your weight loss. Among other liquids, green tea can be consumed.

Proper sleep:

While this might sound redundant, improper sleep cycles and inadequate rest actually result in feeling bloated and weighty.

Eliminate the following:

Salt, sugar, processed foods, red meat, deep fried delicacies and alcohol should be immediately eliminated to trigger an immediate rise in metabolism and effectively losing weight.

15 Minute Weight Loss Workout

Forget those extra weights at the gym. In fact, forget the gym at all. The best way to lose weight and even some money, while you are at it, is to do it at home with absolutely no equipment, save your body.

Below is a full program for a workout that barely takes fifteen minutes at home, and helps you shed those extra pounds before you can even imagine!

Of course, before you get down and dirty with this circuit, do a little bit of cardio like dancing to a pop song for 3 minutes or skipping 100 times.


  • 20 squats: They help you tone the muscles of your butt as well as your calves and thighs.
  • 20 side crunches on each sides: Suffice to say, side crunches work on your abs, particularly you upper abs.
  • 20 donkey kicks on each side: Great for toning your butt as well as shaping the muscles of your lower back and thighs
  • 15 roman twists in each side: Again, great for the upper abdominal area and for increasing your lung capacity.
  • 30 cycles of air cycling: Air cycling increases the strength of your leg muscles as well as the muscles on your lower back.
  • 20 pushups: Pushups are the essential workout for strength training. Apart from increasing your lung capacity, they also work on the muscles of your arms, making them more toned.

Remember to drink water between each elements of the circuit, and take a 15 seconds break

How to tone your buttocks and thighs without any machines/ accessories

The following exercises which are some of the best for toning buttocks and thighs at the same time can be easily done, even at home, since they don’t require the use of any accessories. You can do 12-15 repetitions in each set.

1. Lunges

With the hands holding the middle of your torso, take a big step forward, bend the knees and lower the pelvis, keeping your body aligned and vertical. Bend the front knee such that the tibia is perpendicular to the floor and the leg parallel to it. Stay there for 1-2 minutes and slowly return to starting position.

2. Deep Squats

From upright position and with your legs quite open, take your pelvis backwards and down as if you were going to sit on a chair behind you. Slowly lower into a deep position, keeping your torso and your back straight. Stay in this position for 1-2 minutes and slowly return to the starting position. squat-slim4fun-buttocks-thighs

3. Leg lift

Get on all four knees, cat-position, and slowly lift one leg backward and up, until the leg comes parallel to the floor. Slowly keep the leg controlled, with your back straight and abs tight. Repeat this exercise with the other leg which will stimulate the buttocks and hamstrings.

4. Bridge

Lie on your back with your knees bent and hands on your sides. Lift your pelvis, tightening the abs and buttocks, and stay there for 2-3 minutes. Take your pelvis down slowly and repeat.