The Dukan Diet

Developed by Dr. Pierre Dukan, this diet is mostly protein based, with the theory that so long as your diet is high in protein, the fat will most definitely be shed.

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The Dukan Diet has four stages:

  • The Attack Phase

During this phase, you are allowed to have all you can eat from a predetermined set of protein rich foods. Some of the foods that you are encouraged to eat include lean beef, chicken, low-fat ham, fish and oats among many others. This phase is said to be the phase where people experience the biggest loss in weight.

  • The Cruise Phase

During this phase of the Dukan Diet, you are encouraged to gradually reintroduce certain specified non-starchy vegetables into your diet, still on an all you can eat basis. These include mushrooms, cucumbers, salad greens and peppers. The rate of weight loss during this phase is slower with about a pound lost per week.

  • The Consolidation Phase

The purpose of this phase is to get your body used to this new diet and to keep the weight off permanently. The food is still all you can eat, but now you get to mix them as you like. Certain starchy foods are also allowed but in very little amounts.

  • The Stabilization Phase

This final phase is the same as the previous, with the exception that you must have one day in a week when you consume protein only.

The book written by the doctor himself outlines various diet recipes to make the Dukan Diet much easier to adapt to. This diet aims to not only shed fat, but keep it off entirely.

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