Achieving the “ideal body” takes patience and discipline

For most people, achieving the perfect body an uphill battle, and the process as its ups and downs. Weight loss has different experiences for different people. Unfortunately, there are also a large number of myths and misconceptions surrounding the issue of weight loss.

Today, we take a few minutes to debunk some of those myths, or at least talk about how they are not always useful.

I can always skip a day and double the workout the next day:

Believe it or not, working out follows the same principle as sleeping, as in, you cannot double it the next day if you miss the previous day. What happens, when you follow a particular workout routine, is that your body adapts to it.

When you double it the next day, it puts severe stress on your body, and can lead to the prolonged build-up of lactic acid in your muscles, which in turn can cause muscle spasms and sprains. If you must, then slowly add to your existing routines to push yourself.

I can always skip small meals and go to the large ones:

Again, one of the most essentially wrong notions. There is evidence to suggest that smaller portions of food are easier to digest when consumed during the day. They also have the tendency to make you feel fuller, and in turn, reduce the levels of hunger pangs throughout the day.

When you skip the smaller meals, you are hungry, and end up eating too much during lunch of dinner. That is why, make sure to snack on fruits and veggies during the day, and never ever skip breakfast in the morning.

I have to completely stay away from carbs and sugar:

When you suddenly cut off something from your regular diet, your body experiences a lack of it, and thus you develop withdrawal which results in cravings. The secret to a good body and healthy diet is all about balanced meals, which means carbs.

Carbs are essential in giving your energy throughout the day. Therefore, do not completely shy away from the occasional dessert, bread and pasta once in a while. In fact, you can incorporate them into your “cheat days”.

I can always take weight loss supplements:

This is definitely a tricky situation. While the internet is filled with “miracle pills” that promise sudden and dramatic weight loss, it is always a safer bet to stick to natural weight loss techniques.

Even if the pills manage to shed the weight, if you do not work out, then you will automatically put the weight back on. Instead, develop a healthy meal plan and incorporate at least twenty minutes of your favourite exercise into it.

We always say, that weight loss is a learning process. Be kind to yourself, but most importantly, to your body. Strive, not just towards shedding those extra pounds, but towards achieving and maintaining a healthy body.

Common Weight Loss Myths Debunked

weight-loss-myths-debunked-slim4funThe world of dieting and weight loss is filled with an endless abyss of myths, misunderstandings and misconceptions, which not only discourage people from working out, but following those advises can also cause serious physical repercussions as well.

Therefore, today we debunk some of the most common weight loss myths and false notions, and hopefully inspire you to give it a try.

  • Eating more fruits helps in weight loss: Too much of any good thing can be bad, and this is applicable to fruits as well. Fruits contain natural sugars, and too much of them can also contribute to weight gain.
  • Weight loss supplements are miraculous: According to most studies, weight loss supplements do not actually work. The ones that do usually work to a limited amount. Therefore, it is always a good idea to forgo them completely.
  • Work out more: Working out too much can lead to serious injury to your muscles or bones, and the lactic acid buildup in the muscles of your body will cause a sense of lethargy or tiredness during the rest of your day.
  • Carbohydrates should be avoided: carbohydrates are the main energy providers for your body. In fact, it is essential to have carbs as a daily part of your diet. Whole food that contain carbs, are very good for your system.
  • Obesity is all about eating: The rate of your metabolism or the rate of obesity is largely dependent on the genes that you inherit from your parents.

The 5 DON’Ts of Weight Loss

weight-loss-dos-donts-slim4funWhile there is a bunch of things that you should do while trying to lose weight, there are a bunch of things that you should not do. But trust me when I say this, while on a diet trying to lose weight, it is much easier to follow the DO NOTs than the Do’s.

Nonetheless, the few DO NOTs of quick and easy weight loss are:

  • Don’t weigh yourself too often: Weight loss is a gradual process and criticizing yourself over it does not help. Therefore, try not to weigh yourself on a daily basis because if you do not see the numbers that you hope to do, the chances are that you will be demotivated.
  • Don’t set unrealistic expectation: You can choose to lose 5 kilos in a month. However, setting a goal of losing 20 kilos is a week is not only unrealistic but also unreachable.
  • Don’t skip meals: A number of studies have shown that if you starve yourself, you not only have a more difficult time losing weight, but your body is also denied important nutrients and minerals that it needs on a day to day basis.
  • Don’t take supplements: Supplements shown on weight loss advertisements can sometimes do more harm than good, and can often cause serious disorders.
  • Don’t go for “fat free” alternatives: There are tons of “fat free” supplements and energy bars in the market, which proclaim to help you shed the extra pounds. Don’t fall for such advertisements.

Dangers of the Garcinia Cambogia Extract Diet Pills

garcinia-cambogia side effectsGarcinia Cambogia is the fruit extract that gained critical acclaim recently as the miracle supplement that is an excellent fat buster. It has been heavily promoted as the miracle supplement that guarantees results.

Garcinia Cambogia – the fruit

The Garcinia Cambogia fruit, sometimes referred to as the tamarind fruit is in itself very healthy. It is rich in minerals such as phosphorus, niacin, calcium, riboflavin and even thiamine. In addition to this, the rind of this fruit contains the HCA compound which has been said to have appetite curbing and calorie cutting properties. Its extract has been used to create extract supplements that have been sold widely.

Garcinia Cambogia – the extract

What most dieters might not know is that Garcinia Cambogia supplements might not be all that they’re cracked up to be.

Since they are considered supplements and not drugs, their use is not really regulated by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). The same body does not review Garcinia Cambogia supplements for effectiveness or check for their safety.

This is of course unless, according to Sue Decotiis M.D, use of these supplements is associated with many hospitalizations. This means that manufacturers have complete freedom in exactly how much of the actual Garcinia Cambogia they put in the pill packs, and sometimes, it might not be that much.

To top it off, most of the supplement brands have reportedly failed quantity and quality testing from independent laboratories, with no large scale trials in existence that compare Garcinia Cambogia to the other supplements.

With probably no objective data on Garcinia Cambogia, it is clear that is probably difficult to judge the effectiveness of this supplement.

What is an Appetite Suppressant?

appetite-suppressants-slim4funQuite simply put, an appetite suppressant is a particular supplement or drug or additive that is normally included in a person’s diet in order to reduce their appetite.

A reduction in appetite means that a person does not each so much food due to an enlarged appetite, and the usual result is an overall reduction in the person’s weight.

The different types of appetite suppressants include weight loss supplements  in the form of pills and natural suppressants such as almonds, coffee, avocados and even apples just to name but a few.

How does an Appetite Suppressant Work?

When you take an appetite suppressant, it brings down your appetite such that you are able to feel full for a much longer period of time after eating. For a person trying to lose weight, this is fantastic news, because it reduces excess consumption of food which often leads to weight gain.

 Who uses an Appetite Suppressant?

Appetite suppressants are usually prescribed as an option for persons with conditions that do not allow them to control or lose their weight by exercises and diet alone such as people with high cholesterol.

Other such conditions include high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes.

Most of these suppressants are referred to as anorexiants.

It should be noted however that appetite suppressants must never at any one time be used as a substitute for a normal weight loss diet or an exercise regimen.

This is because they are designed to aid various diets and exercise routines, making them more effective.