10 simple steps to losing weight

When it comes to changes you should think everything through very carefully and then make a decision. It is not different when we talk about losing weight either. You should do it for the right reasons and not because some boy told you that you are fat. Take a look at the mirror and see yourself for who you are.

There are many reasons why people want to lose weight but make sure that you are actually overweight and it is not only in your mind. Even if you reach your goal of losing 15 pounds and you are still not happy with yourself maybe you should think about the real problem that’s in your head. Take the time to think about what is really bothering you.

Here is a simple plan that will help you on your way to losing weigh if you need it:

  1.  Start thinking about your health. Stop eating fast food all the time. Get up 30 minutes earlier and make yourself a healthy meal for lunch. Think about what you eat every day and you will see the changes in a few weeks.
  2. Healthy menu doesn’t necessary mean you have to eat only vegetables. It is important to eat what your body wants but don’t eat a whole box of chocolates just because you feel like that. One chocolate is enough and leave the rest of them in the box.
  3. There are so many recipes for healthy snacks that you will be surprised.  Some of them are really delicious. Try them!
  4. People say that “breakfast is the most important meal”. If you think about it skipping it is better, think about what actually happens after that. Usually at lunch and dinner and you are more hungry and you eat more food to compensate for the skipped meal. That is not good for your health nor your body.
  5. Start exercising a few times a week. Choose a sport that you enjoy. Maybe it is going to the gym, yoga, race walking, etc.
  6. If you have the option to chose between taking the stares and the elevator pick the first one. It doesn’t hurt to climb a few stares every day. You will start losing weight without even noticing it.
  7. When you get a car usually you stop walking as much as you did before. You even start taking the car when you go to the grocery store. Instead of that download an app on your phone to track your steps. Set a goal and try to get higher goals every week.
  8. Smoothies are great but try eating fruits instead of drinking them. You will not feel hungry for longer time and you will get more heart-healthy fiber in your diet.
  9. Manage your stress. Make sure you don’t eat your stress away, instead of that talk to your friends and family about your problems. After all sometimes you just need somebody to listen to you. It helps a lot even if you don’t realize it.

The first step to losing weight is making small changes step by step. Give those simple 10 steps and you will see the changes.

Few simple ways to lose weight

Weight loss is a burning problem today in almost every household in every corner of the world and it is quite a severe problem for a number of us out there, especially it gives rise to a number of health related issues.

simple-ways-weight-loss-slim4funAlso, obesity or weight problems even tell upon on your looks and how you come across to others.

It has been a huge concern for most of us all through our lives and although there are several methods out there, the most effective and simplest ones are, believe it or not, always just at our hands and more often than not the easiest ones.

All it takes is some planned program and a little bit of control over our selves.

Hands on DIY weight loss methods

Some of the easiest ways of losing weight that you can do all by yourselves at your home without having to lose your head over it are as follows:

  • Understand your body type and your system requirements
  • Go for small light meals at regular intervals
  • Set realistic goals for yourselves that you can actually achieve
  • Give yourselves occasional indulgences, prizes and cheat days
  • Reduce, or better remove, saturated fat and added sugar from your entire diet
  • Instead of losing weight fast, focus more on staying fit and healthy
  • Go for any kind of regular exercises, be it going to the gym, cycling, brisk walking, swimming etc.
  • Finally, the most important thing is never skip your meals

The Truth about Weight Loss

truth-weight-loss-slim4funEverybody tells you that you should do this and avoid that, and try this, remove that from your daily routine and on and on and on goes the rigmarole.

However, let’s be honest, it is not possible to do everything when you are trying to lose weight.

Take it from someone who has been struggling with fluctuating weight all her life, trying to lose weight is very complicated and comes with tons of ups and downs:

  • Weight is just a number: It is all about staying healthy and fit. If you feel that your body is best at 44 kilos, then good for you. If you feel that your body is good at 70 kilos, then good for you. If you are fit and healthy then your weight does not matter.
  • It’s okay to have cheat days: You’re only human, and we deserve something good for all the hard work that we have been doing. So stop feeling guilty about craving junk food, and once in a while eat that damned cake that you have been eyeing for so long!
  • It is going to be frustrating: More often than not, you will feel frustrated with your weight loss regime. From lack of results to nit fitting into your clothes right away, it is okay to shed a few tears along the way.
  • Everyone’s body is different: Say you want the weight of some tv personality. However, your bone structure is different and at the same weight, your body may look completely different from theirs.

Music to Listen to For Your Weight Loss Workout

Everybody knows that good music can not only have a huge impact on our day, but also vastly affect our moods. Same goes for any weight loss workout.music-weight-loss-slim4fun

You need those amped up songs with a high BPM that make you want to sweat it out, and keep at it until you have run out of breath.

Weight Loss Workout Songs

So what are some really good workout songs that you can listen to during your workout, that keep you motivated and make you want to work even harder? Take a look at the list below:

  • More by Usher: I don’t know about you, but every time Usher says, “push it to the limit”, I want to do even twenty more pushups. Techno, pop and rock, this is one hell of a good workout song.
  • Pretty Handsome Awkward by Smashing Pumpkins: This is a relatively meathead and metal rock song, but trust me, it gets the work done. The falsetto, the insane drums and the guitar solos will want you to sweat till you drop down to the floor.
  • Eye of the Tiger by The Scorpions: If Rocky can jam to this song, you know that this will be one of the best workout songs that you can some across.
  • Remember the Name by Fort Minor: What better way to stay motivated than with a song which is about a man that is motivated from the very beginning of his life?! Also, Mike Shinoda is infinitely cool.

Staying Motivated During Your Weight Loss

Weight loss can be the most difficult things in a person’s life. Getting up every single day, sweating it out, maintaining what you eat, watching your calories intake and so on, the list is endless. It is quite natural to lose your will power and motivation along the way.

Try out some of the credited tips and tricks on how to stay motivated during your weight loss routine:

  • Listen to good music: Motivational music, which inspires you to be better, to work out more, are the keys to success. Don’t be afraid of the genre. Just pick the ones, which fill your veins with determination, and let it rip.
  • Documenting the details: The human mind is proof oriented. This means that if you see proof that your weight loss routine is actually producing results, you will be more likely to keep working out. Therefore, you can keep a diary, which chronicles the weight you keep losing after every few weeks.
  • Having a companion: Weight losses are so much fun when a friend is involved. This way, not only will you have company, but both of you can keep the other motivated and see the results for yourselves.
  • Look in the mirror: No matter at which weight you arrive, you will never be satisfied if you do not love your body first. Therefore, look at yourself closely in the mirror, and keep telling yourself all of the things that you love about yourself, and will continue to do so.looking-mirror-weight-loss-slim4fun