Achieving the “ideal body” takes patience and discipline

For most people, achieving the perfect body an uphill battle, and the process as its ups and downs. Weight loss has different experiences for different people. Unfortunately, there are also a large number of myths and misconceptions surrounding the issue of weight loss.

Today, we take a few minutes to debunk some of those myths, or at least talk about how they are not always useful.

I can always skip a day and double the workout the next day:

Believe it or not, working out follows the same principle as sleeping, as in, you cannot double it the next day if you miss the previous day. What happens, when you follow a particular workout routine, is that your body adapts to it.

When you double it the next day, it puts severe stress on your body, and can lead to the prolonged build-up of lactic acid in your muscles, which in turn can cause muscle spasms and sprains. If you must, then slowly add to your existing routines to push yourself.

I can always skip small meals and go to the large ones:

Again, one of the most essentially wrong notions. There is evidence to suggest that smaller portions of food are easier to digest when consumed during the day. They also have the tendency to make you feel fuller, and in turn, reduce the levels of hunger pangs throughout the day.

When you skip the smaller meals, you are hungry, and end up eating too much during lunch of dinner. That is why, make sure to snack on fruits and veggies during the day, and never ever skip breakfast in the morning.

I have to completely stay away from carbs and sugar:

When you suddenly cut off something from your regular diet, your body experiences a lack of it, and thus you develop withdrawal which results in cravings. The secret to a good body and healthy diet is all about balanced meals, which means carbs.

Carbs are essential in giving your energy throughout the day. Therefore, do not completely shy away from the occasional dessert, bread and pasta once in a while. In fact, you can incorporate them into your “cheat days”.

I can always take weight loss supplements:

This is definitely a tricky situation. While the internet is filled with “miracle pills” that promise sudden and dramatic weight loss, it is always a safer bet to stick to natural weight loss techniques.

Even if the pills manage to shed the weight, if you do not work out, then you will automatically put the weight back on. Instead, develop a healthy meal plan and incorporate at least twenty minutes of your favourite exercise into it.

We always say, that weight loss is a learning process. Be kind to yourself, but most importantly, to your body. Strive, not just towards shedding those extra pounds, but towards achieving and maintaining a healthy body.

How to lose weight in ten days?

lose-weight-really-fast-slim4funAll of us, at some point of time in our lives have wondered what could be the best possible method of losing weight super fast. It is like a dream for us all to shed all those extra nagging pounds that refuse to go away even after several diet regimes and workouts.

It becomes all the more harassing when you have to lose weight really fast for that wedding party or the big occasion that you are eyeing.

Now, it is quite natural that all these would come to haunt you just about ten to fifteen days before the D-day celebration and naturally you are left with no choice but to follow some basic crash course that in turn might adversely affect you. But wait, we have a solution for you right here right now.

It is now not at all a big deal to lose weight really quick, especially if you have a big party just round the corner and are waiting eagerly to flaunt that gorgeous dress. Here are 5 easy steps that you can follow to lose weight in just 10 days:

  • Go full on fibre and reduce or stop carbohydrate intake
  • Go green with fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Include a one hour strict and rigorous workout schedule in your daily routine and stick to it religiously
  • Take the stairs instead of the lift at your work and take walks for those short rides
  • Say complete no to fatty and junk foods with calories

15 Minute Weight Loss Workout

Forget those extra weights at the gym. In fact, forget the gym at all. The best way to lose weight and even some money, while you are at it, is to do it at home with absolutely no equipment, save your body.

Below is a full program for a workout that barely takes fifteen minutes at home, and helps you shed those extra pounds before you can even imagine!

Of course, before you get down and dirty with this circuit, do a little bit of cardio like dancing to a pop song for 3 minutes or skipping 100 times.


  • 20 squats: They help you tone the muscles of your butt as well as your calves and thighs.
  • 20 side crunches on each sides: Suffice to say, side crunches work on your abs, particularly you upper abs.
  • 20 donkey kicks on each side: Great for toning your butt as well as shaping the muscles of your lower back and thighs
  • 15 roman twists in each side: Again, great for the upper abdominal area and for increasing your lung capacity.
  • 30 cycles of air cycling: Air cycling increases the strength of your leg muscles as well as the muscles on your lower back.
  • 20 pushups: Pushups are the essential workout for strength training. Apart from increasing your lung capacity, they also work on the muscles of your arms, making them more toned.

Remember to drink water between each elements of the circuit, and take a 15 seconds break

Best Exercises for Weight Loss

Every individual has different tastes and different physiology. Therefore, the way you lose weight tends to be different from the way followed by your friend.

Swimming is a good weight loss exercise
Swimming is a good weight loss exercise

When it comes to weight loss workouts, there is no end to the types and combinations that you can have. But you have to remember that weight loss takes time, and results vary from person to person, so don’t be too hard on yourself.

Popular weight loss workouts

  • Swimming: Making use of every muscle in the human body, swimming kicks up the heart rate, makes you lose more calories than you can actually imagine or realize. Also, it is extremely therapeutic, with almost no chances of injury
  • Aerobics: Since it involves music and dancing, it is bound to be fun. Without realizing it, you not only master the moves of the dance floor, but also burn out all those extra calories during your day. Aerobics is a great way to increase your muscle strength.
  • Strength training: This is a little advanced and can be a little difficult for the beginners or newbies. Nonetheless, it strengthens you muscles, that is for sure, but it also burns a huge amount of calories from your entire body.
  • Running: Every leg movement that you do, your body makes use of over two hundred leg muscles. So imagine how many you are using when you are running! Good for both cardio and strength, a little jogging or run can be done by anyone.

Music to Listen to For Your Weight Loss Workout

Everybody knows that good music can not only have a huge impact on our day, but also vastly affect our moods. Same goes for any weight loss

You need those amped up songs with a high BPM that make you want to sweat it out, and keep at it until you have run out of breath.

Weight Loss Workout Songs

So what are some really good workout songs that you can listen to during your workout, that keep you motivated and make you want to work even harder? Take a look at the list below:

  • More by Usher: I don’t know about you, but every time Usher says, “push it to the limit”, I want to do even twenty more pushups. Techno, pop and rock, this is one hell of a good workout song.
  • Pretty Handsome Awkward by Smashing Pumpkins: This is a relatively meathead and metal rock song, but trust me, it gets the work done. The falsetto, the insane drums and the guitar solos will want you to sweat till you drop down to the floor.
  • Eye of the Tiger by The Scorpions: If Rocky can jam to this song, you know that this will be one of the best workout songs that you can some across.
  • Remember the Name by Fort Minor: What better way to stay motivated than with a song which is about a man that is motivated from the very beginning of his life?! Also, Mike Shinoda is infinitely cool.