How does yoga help in weight loss?

We have all worried ourselves over how to get rid of that stubborn fat at some point of time or probably still do and have lost a hundred nights’ sleep over it.

And of course you have tried out a hundred different methods to lose weight. While some work some might not.

However, one best method to lose weight that is fast gaining popularity both in the eastern and western worlds is the yoga. The best thing about it is that it is free of cost and one of the fastest weight loss methods ever known.

Yoga for Weight LossThe various yoga postures target the various parts of our body and thus help to maintain a fit and slim body.

Which are best yoga poses for weight loss?

  • The crescent – This is a half moon shaped pose and it targets the hips, abs and the thighs and helps to tone them.
  • The willow – This tree like standing pose helps to firm the two sides of the abs and gets rid of the fats from that region.
  • The rocking boat – This V shaped posture helps in toning down the stubborn fats from the abs and the back portion.
  • The hover – This horizontal pose actually helps to firm the shoulders and the arms while also targeting the back and the abs region.
  • The chair – It is a very important pose as it helps to remove the fat from the butt and the thigh regions.