The 3 Hour Diet – Take a break from food!

3-hour-diet-slim4funDo you believe in those myths of fasting leading to miraculous weight loss? If you don’t, good on you!

The 3-Hour Diet plan seeks a middle path between the extremist fasting diets and nutrition to provide with a diet that believes in eating five meals a day at regular intervals even with the allowance for a small dessert! Seems enticing, doesn’t it?

Never hanker after food with the 3-Hour Diet!

Starving to stay fit has become the 90s dieting method nowadays. Recognizing this, the 3-Hour Diet abolishes the starvation protection mode from your lifestyle.

Contrary to popular opinion, fasting leads to your body conserving fat and calories to preserve energy. Eating small meals balanced in nutrients, on the other hand, burns up the fat every three hours.

As your metabolic rate begins to function at high gear, you can lose approximately ten pounds in the first few weeks and two pounds every consecutive week from then onwards.

You will be bamboozled when you hear what you have to do! Eat breakfast just after you have woken up and keep consuming balanced meals every three hours hence. A good surprise, isn’t it?

You don’t have to give up on any carbs or sweets provided that you incorporate them in portions of 400 calories each. Effective yet cost friendly, you can include snacking in between your meals with a bowl of almonds or a piece of cheese.

If reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases and diabetes is your goal, the 3-Hour Diet will be your savior!